Dee-1: From the Classroom to the Stage



New Orleans-born artist Dee-1 is on a mission to spread both the gospel and positive messages through his music. Since 2009, Dee-1 has crafted a serious music following and now, with his “3’s Up” EP, has brought attention to his music and the message he is presenting. Earlier this year, Dee-1 released his hit single, “Salli Mae Back,” which is a financially literate anthem that celebrates paying off student loans – something Dee-1 himself did shortly after signing his major label deal.

Now, Dee-1 has released the remix to his track “Against Us” featuring Lupe Fiasco and Big Krit. It is a great hip hop collaboration between three talented artists who mesh well together and gives hip hop fans a good song and video with a positive message, which is something that is lacking in today’s hip hop. The “Against Us” remix does as Dee-1 wanted: represents the song to a bigger audience while still keeping its positive message. Dee-1, through his music, continues to motivate and promote good, positive messages in his music.  Dee-1 recently sat down to speak about his music, and how he took his message from the classroom to the stage.

KN: For those not familiar with you, talk about yourself, your “mission vision” and what “3’s Up” means?
DEE: Mission vision: being on a mission. Everything I do, I’m on a mission. Be real, be righteous, be relevant. Righteous gang.

KN: What message do you hope listeners get from listening to your music?
DEE: Want my music to make people to see the light on the other end of the tunnel. Feel like they can overcome anything in life.

KN: How long have you been doing music?
DEE: Seriously – since 2009.

KN: What made you want to take your message from classroom to the stage?
DEE: Reach more people. Larger classroom as a hip hop artist.

KN: How would you say you have grown since your first mix tape?
DEE: Wasn’t a good rapper back on my first mix tape. I’m a beast now. Better songwriter now, too.

KN: What are your inspirations/influences?
DEE: Grandpa. My students.

KN: The “3’s Up” EP – what was your creative process/ influence while creating?
DEE: Hear beat first, then it inspires verse. Beat and hook is where the magic happens.

KN: What are your favorite tracks on the EP?
DEE: “Show on the Road,” Against Us.”

KN: “Against us” is a great song and video. What made you reach out to Big Krit and Lupe Fiasco for the remix?
DEE: Original didn’t get the attention it deserves so wanted to present again with the remix. We all have the same message.

KN: Will there be any other singles? Videos?
DEE: Thinking about “Show on the road.”

KN: Heard that you turned a script down recently. What was the deal behind that?
DEE: Language didn’t agree with. Thought about it; not who I am. Something huge coming. Can’t announce yet.

KN: What’s next for you?
DEE: Currently on tour – Salli Mae Back tour. Fall tour – September. New music and videos coming soon. No title for album yet; about 75 percent complete. Before the end of 2016.

KN: Last words for the readers?
DEE: Stay connected with the movement.

The “3’s Up” EP is available now on iTunes, and more of Dee-1’s mix tapes are available now on Follow his movement as he continues to take his message from classroom to the stage.

Twitter: @Dee1music

Review/Interview by Kelly Newson

Interview: Kelly Newson

Images Courtesy of Dee-1 Music