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Guy Grogan

Grab a guitar, a drink, and whatever the closest recording device is because Dynamite Bouquet is about to explode. Hailing from Sante Fe, New Mexico, the one-man-band Guy Grogan self-released his ninth album, Dynamite Bouquet, on February 2, 2016.

Grogan received a number of awards last year from organizations including Song of the Year, Indie International, and American Songwriting Awards. That being said, Grogan has a long list of musical experiences to get him to this point, including eight previous self released (and produced) albums. This newest album, Dynamite Bouquet, has a lot of indie feel, a lot of acoustic guitar, and a lot the sounds reminiscent of Elliot Smith.

“Can’t really tell which way to go from here.”

As far as the majority of songs on the album are considered, guitar and vocals take most of the spotlight, while drums and bass stay off to the side and keep the beat going. Piano stays simple and receives the occasional solo, providing the real energy behind slow songs like “A Ghost Too Soon.”

Most of the album stays standard until “Pseudo Euphoria” where the guitar and drums start to take some risks, creatively speaking, and it sounds great; more of this would be appreciated. The same dreamy vocals throughout the rest of the album are present but they are more layered, creating a full and distracting sound. Grogan is dedicated to his vocals, he does not shy away from hanging onto a note extra long or singing fills to keep rhythm, “Waterfalls” and “My Own Way Out.“ are examples of this.

Rhythmically the vocals attempt the occasional loop, although they do fail to match up perfectly. An example would be the track “A Ghost Too Soon” where the lyrics (slow and somber) say “A ghost too soon, your a, a ghost too soon.” The drunken singing barside mobs could have a grand time parading the chorus of just about any song on the album throughout the streets.

The small problem in some of the slower songs is that Grogan tends to mumble more, making it difficult to follow his already low tone. The album itself is not terribly complex, for one man it is a lot of work, which is reasonable when considering why some songs like “Metafixation” are so repetitive. Some songs feels dramatically simplistic, such as the album closer “What If I Told You.” To hear these tracks and more, check out the links at the bottom of the article.

“So I can feel my own way out.”

Guy Grogan’s Dynamite Bouquet is for fans of DIY and singer songwriter style, famous similar bands would have to include Elliot Smith, Bruce Springsteen, and Matthew Sweet. Dynamite Bouquet offers a simple package, which is the impression the album cover offers upon first and even second glance. This time around Guy Grogan delivers a hardy, homegrown setlist of ten songs that have a down-to-earth sound with guitar to boot.

Underground Examinations is a series of Independent Music Reviews with the intention of giving new music a fair and appropriate opportunity to be enjoyed.

Opinion by Garrett Jutte

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