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Hunting Humans May Be Next Trend for the Rich


 hunting humans

Hunting has always been a controversial topic with a variety of viewpoints. The topic is generally a debate of animal rights. However, according to a British tourism expert from the University of Central Lancashire, hunting humans may become a reality in the not-so-distant future.

Daniel Wright is an expert who led research published in Futures, a scientific journal. The prediction is that hunting humans will become a trend for the incredibly rich by the year 2100. The sport may be an underground activity initially, but he believes that by 2200, it will be a legitimate televised sport like other games today.

The premise that Wright suggests already exists in fantasy. Modern movies like “The Hunger Games” demonstrate a dystopian world in which the poor have to sacrifice members of their society to a game that ends in death. Wright is not basing his prediction on the fantasy of movies. His research demonstrates that there is already a growing interest in the next phase of travel, which he calls “dark tourism.” The paper cites the opening of concentration camps to the public as tourist attractions and museums dedicated to torture, like the Click Prison in London, as the start of the dark tourism trend. He believes this new interest represents a fascination with death that will lead to the trend of underground clubs for the purpose of hunting humans among the wealthy elite.

Wright calls out several aspects of society’s current state, as well as the world’s past relationship with death, to support his prediction. He points out the growing need for population control. The researcher says that the human population is becoming an increased strain on the earth’s resources, according to the “Daily Mail.” He also points out that the disparity between the wealthy and the poor will only worsen. The statement implies that the rich will value the lives of the poor much less, eventually seeing them as not human. He also points out that the history of humankind’s relationship with murder, death, and human atrocities will continue to desensitize people. allowing them to see how hunting humans could become a spectacle.

Hunting Humans

Wright believes the fact that the rich already bypass laws meant to protect animals in order to hunt endangered species around the world is an example of an elitist right. He points to an idea that seems to be taking place among the super rich that money allows them to do as they please, and he sees this extending to hunting humans in the future.

Trophy hunting, in which people seek out and kill animals for the purpose of recreation, is not a new concept for the wealthy elite. Underprivileged people often only hunt for their survival. The idea that the rich will eventually begin to prey on the poor holds the same premise as killing animals for sport. The university researcher believes that hunting humans will start under the assumption of population control – something that is often said about the hunting of wild game. The premise of population control will eventually grow into somewhat of a bloodlust.

The history of mankind has shown humans revel in watching bloodshed. The story behind the famous Colosseum in Rome is an early example of how elite families displayed their power and pedigree through gladiator battles, turning bloodshed into a spectacle. Public displays of violence against animals and humans existed in the same place. Medieval times brought about public executions, where entire towns gathered to watch people die, often in bloody manners. Public executions carried over into modern times. History has often depicted bloodthirsty crowds calling for execution while marching through the streets – an act that feels just short of hunting humans. The events that took place during the era of segregation in the United States is a prime example of this bloodlust in the modern day. The dominant group often sought out people of color with the sole purpose of inflicting violence upon them.

Society’s relationship with violence is well recorded throughout history. Wright’s predictions do not seem so far off when looking at human history. The relationship that society has with the disenfranchised has been growing more tense. Global warming is increasingly having an effect on the survival of the human species. The acceptance of hunting humans may be the next social evolution for humankind.

Opinion by Gichele Cocrelle


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