Speaker John Hambrick Appears to Be in Bed With Shady Dealings

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On June 2, 2016, Las Vegas, Nevada residents received a new campaign mail piece in their mailboxes accusing anti-tax candidates of wrongdoing. The campaign mailer is circulated under the bulk mail permit # 2917 registered to Campaign Data Solutions, LLC. The owner of the company is Nathan Emens, who is Speaker John Hambrick’s consultant.

The Campaign Data Solutions website boasts they are “providing new and innovative tactics”  for their clients. Additionally, Emens’ company states, “[it] offers full-service printing, variable imaging, data management, and mailing all under one roof.”

Campaign Data Solutions works for the group of candidates who are benefiting from Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval robocalls. This group sent out a hit piece on Assembly District 37 candidate, Jim Marchant. The mailer asked, “How much did Jim Marchant sell his vote for?” It appears as though Campaign Data solutions is confused since Marchant has never been elected. This and leaves the reader to ask what vote? Emens and his company may be liable for damaging and untrue statements against Marchant and trying to trick voters.

Equally disturbing is the fact that Speaker Hambrick has very close ties to Emens. The two have worked together for several years. Emens has been paid thousands of dollars in consulting fees from the Nevada Assembly caucus PACs. Questions have arisen about the significant amount of the funds paid to Emens.


  • is facing a heated primary as are many of the incumbents who voted for Sandoval’s tax package;
  • gave his word to caucus members in January 2015 that an audit of Assembly PAC’s, that control tens of thousands of dollars, would be audited if they would install him as Speaker;
  • never completed the audit of the PAC’s, and strangely enough, his consultant, Emens,  was paid from those PAC’s.

The establishment wing of the Republican caucus has recently been singled out for colluding with law enforcement and the district attorney in the ongoing investigation of Chris Edwards. There may be some truth to collusion since the mailers put out by Emens and his company, may have printed the mailers before the indictment of Tony Dane had been announced publicly.

How did the Speaker’s consultant know what the grand jury was doing? The grand jury operates secretly. How did Glen Trowbridge get a mailer designed, printed and mailed in the few short days without inside information?

What does Hambrick know? How did he get the information? Who is Hambrick protecting?


Image Courtesy of Time Anchor’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License