Barack Obama Fact-Checked Donald Trump Speech


According to “Time,” on Friday, July 22, 2016, President Barack Obama played the role of fact-checker after the acceptance speech of the Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump and announced he was expected to speak at the upcoming Democratic National Convention (DNC). “USA Today” reported that Obama dismissed Trump’s criticisms of the current conditions of the United States. Obama stated crime was down, the economy was up, and most Americans believe things are going relatively well.

The president knew it was important to clarify the fallacies told by Trump because he argued, people would not make good decisions based on the fear-inducing lies told by Trump. The negative picture painted by the propaganda was not supported by the actual conditions in the United States. He also clarified Trump was not the only speaker at the Republican National Convention who felt it necessary to embellish the facts to mislead the viewers of their convention.

The president discussed how the violent crime rates have reached their lowest point in the past 40 years. ABC News argued, on July 21, the president continued to show his support and respect for the Muslim American population in the United States. He has repeatedly called for tolerance for Muslims and recognition for their contribution to their American communities.

On July 22, the president spoke at a joint press conference with Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto. Nieto stated the meeting was set up to discuss Trump’s nomination because he openly criticized Mexico’s trade policies and accused the country of sending rapists to the United States. Nieto claimed, Trump’s desire to build a wall along the United States’ southern border would affect the legal migration of workers between Mexico and the United States. The comments made by Trump offended Mexico and Mexican Americans which is why Obama felt it necessary to fact-check Trump’s speech and speak at the upcoming DNC.

On July 21, the president held a reception celebrating the Islamic holiday Eid al-Fitr which celebrated the conclusion of the fast during Ramadan. Before taking the stage, the president was introduced by 15-year-old Aisha Osman, of Beaverton Ore. Osman was chosen to introduce the president after she wrote a letter discussing her experiences as a Muslim American. Osman concluded her statement by explaining she is proud to be an American and believes she is the future of the country she loves.

The president has continued to show forgiveness and acceptance to the different groups of people who call the United States home. This acceptance should not only apply to the citizens but the guests who visit from around the world. Obama argued it is okay to enforce strict vetting processes for people visiting the United States but a blanketed ban on Muslims is another bad idea by Trump. As Obama completed his speech at the reception, the crowd started to chant “four more years!”

The president claimed he is curious to see how Americans would respond to the case made by Trump and the Republican party during their GOP conclave. Especially since the DNC began on Monday, July 25. Obama is excited to speak at the convention because history is about to be made when Hillary Clinton accepts her nomination as the Democratic Presidential candidate.

It has been suggested, Obama fact-checked Trump’s speech because he did not want to waste time during his expected speech at the DNC to set the record straight. In fact, Michelle Obama was plagiarized by Trump’s wife Melania, who obviously took too many direct quotes from the current first lady’s speech from 2008. The public embarrassment for Trump should have bene substantial but the only person penalized was the writer of the speech.

By Kristina Lasher
Edited by Cathy Milne


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