Boldly Inclusive Societies Impossible With the Racial Wealth Gap

Boldly Inclusive

According to Guardian Liberty Voice, inclusivity is considered one of the most important requirements for a society to ensure a fair, free, and open community. Inclusivity is a requirement because it is the only way to provide opportunities for the majority of a society. The societies of the modern world should evolve in order to become boldly inclusive but this will be impossible until the racial wealth gap is closed.

A society governed by its citizens should never be able to marginalize any groups of people. The Pew Research Center has argued the racial wealth gap has always been a problem in American society but has become even worse since the Great Recession. The Great Recession was the result of questionable political and financial reforms during the 21st century. These reforms benefited the wealthy and crippled the remainder of the society.  President George W. Bush implemented the trickle-down theory and deregulated financial institutions without considering the repercussions to the economy and American society as a whole. Tax breaks for the wealthy have historically been proven as failures that cater to the rich and marginalize the poor.

Although the United States prides itself on equality and freedom, it is clear the American dream can only be achieved by a small percentage of the population. A boldly inclusive society should ensure every person has access to the same opportunities to earn a living through equal opportunity employment. In reality, all men were not labeled as equal because it was not until 1964 when African-American people were truly considered equal under the law.

There are two groups related to inclusivity.  These groups are defined as those who are privileged and those who are marginalized. Sadly, those who are privileged have been advantaged for so long that they have come to believe they are not privileged. “Forbes” reported that as the United States became more diverse, the racial wealth disparity between the privileged and marginalized increased.

The United States used to consider themselves a boldly inclusive society ensuring an American’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. As of 2011, the median annual income for white families was $111,146, $7,113 for black families, and $8,348 for Hispanic families. Blaming the victim is a tactic used by societies around the world to remain exclusive and minimize the number of people who are able to achieve financial and educational wealth.

Education is the true determination of the success of an individual. It is only through education that people are able to earn significant incomes. The disparity between the funding of rural, urban, and suburban school districts should no longer exist to ensure all children have equal access to education. Funding for school districts is a part of public records that has clearly depicted how poor urban communities have significantly less funding than school districts located in neighborhoods that are more affluent.

Boldly InclusiveThe American Psychological Association explained how a person or family’s socioeconomic status has a strong correlation with the success of an individual. Socioeconomic status is defined as an individual’s social standing or class that is determined by education, income, and employment levels. The largest variance between socioeconomic statuses is often associated with race and ethnicity. The diversity of the American society is one of its strongest traits, yet the privileged keep controlling everything to maintain their power and authority.

As of 2013, white families earned 13 times more than black families and 10 times more than Hispanic families. In 2013, $141,900 was the median annual income for white families, $11,000 for black families, and $13,700 for Hispanic families. These results show all three racial groups earned more than they had in 2011. The United States must become boldly inclusive in order to close the racial wealth gap and create a boldly inclusive society.

It has been reported African-American men are known to suffer from double the rate of unemployment compared to their white counterparts. Additionally, African-American men are also only paid 72 percent of what white men earn and 85 percent of what white women earn. This wage disparity continues to depict the racial wealth gap and explains why it is necessary to close before the United States is able to become a boldly inclusive society.

There are ways to make sure all people have equal opportunities to succeed. Homeownership, education, labor, and wages are all necessary to help a family increase their socioeconomic status. Seventy-three percent of white families are homeowners. White families tend to have higher levels of education, simpler labor requirements, and higher wages. Forty-five percent of black families own their homes. Black families tend to have higher labor requirements, with lower levels of income and education. Forty-seven percent of Hispanic families own their homes. Hispanic families also have higher labor requirements, lower wages, and minimal educational levels.

The only area of the United States that is boldly inclusive is related to wealthy white families. Other than that, the American Dream is quite exclusive. A boldly inclusive society will stress the tendentious nature of education and the reason it should be the priority of every American citizen. Once the United States is boldly inclusive, the racial wealth gap will close and every American child will have better chances to succeed.

Opinion by Kristina Lasher


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