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EgyptAir MS804 Debris Washes Up on Beach in Israel



According to NBC News, on Friday, July 8, 2016, debris that is likely from EgyptAir MS804 washed up on a beach in Israel. The debris was found in Netanya, which is a Mediterranean resort town, 18 miles north of Tel Aviv. “The Maritime Executive” reported that EgyptAir MS804 originally crashed into the Mediterranean Sea north of Alexandria, Egypt, on Thursday, May 19, 2016, on its way from Paris, France to Cairo, Egypt.

It has been determined by officials of the investigation that the search and retrieval of debris and human remains of EgyptAir MS804 would continue until Monday, July 18. It is believed that all 66 passengers on board died. It was initially thought the EgyptAir MS804 plane sank into one of the deepest parts of the Mediterranean Sea, between Greece and the Northeast coast of Egypt. It has been argued, it was these depths, which made it difficult for search teams to locate the wreckage and any human remains from the crew and the passengers.

Albawaba News explained, on Sunday, July 10, the debris was delivered to Egypt from Israel, after it washed up on the beach a few days earlier. This was after Egypt gave Israel until Friday, July 15, to turn over the remains. The remains were shipped via Air Sinai flight 055, which commonly flew between Tel Aviv and Cairo. Officials for the prosecution were on the scene to officially receive the debris that washed up on the beach.

The ongoing search for the remains of EgyptAir MS804 has been left in the hands of the John Lethbridge, which is a piece of technology from the Mauritius-based, Deep Ocean Search. The John Lethbridge was able to scan the seabed to locate human remains, parts of the plane, and the black boxes. Egyptian forensic doctors are handling the remains that have been handed over to the coroner’s office. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office not only alerted Egyptian officials but the French officials since the flight departed from Paris.

Prime Minister Netanyahu was in Ethiopia, at the time the wreckage was discovered. Netanyahu immediately directed his officials to turn over the debris to Egyptian authorities for immediate analysis. The Egyptian crash investigation committee will analyze the remains to determine if it is from EgyptAir MS804. Once the remains have been officially confirmed to be from EgyptAir MS804, the debris will be added to the steady stream of the items salvaged from the wreckage to ascertain the cause of the crash.

Currently, there is still no explanation as to what caused the crash. On July 5, sources from the crash committee described the audio recording from EgyptAir MS804’s flight deck. An indication from the recording led authorities to believe there was an attempt to put out a fire onboard the aircraft before it plunged into the depths of the Mediterranean Sea. There was no statement given explaining if the fire was contained before the plane crashed.

It is thanks to the John Lethbridge technology, which has allowed for the location of human remains, to grant peace and closure for the families of the victims of this traumatic disaster. As the debris and remains are organized, cataloged, and identified officials will be able to determine what happened to the aircraft that resulted in the deaths of the 66 people onboard. The debris found on the beach in Israel is expected to be confirmed as wreckage from EgyptAir MS804 in the coming weeks.

By Kristina Lasher
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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