Shawn Mendes Sings Out Against Domestic Violence [Video]


Shawn Mendes

Singing sensation Shawn Mendes is singing out against domestic violence in his world tour 2016. He has teamed up with Paper Mate InkJoy to launch the company’s latest campaign, “Spread Joy, Not Smears.”

Mendes’ latest video, “Treat You Better” was recently released and has over 8,451,397 views on YouTube. Friday night, July 15, in Boca Raton, Fla., the pop singing sensation posted to social media, urging the people in the Tropical State to stay hydrated in the high temperatures by drinking plenty of water. He added that he would see them later at his sold out concert.

In his recent interview with “People” magazine, Mendes admitted he was a little nervous while shooting the video for “Treat You Better.” Mendes is happy about the positive response from his fans. The pop star has seen the ugly side of domestic violence, but he wanted to spread the word to everyone to treat their partners better. The video finishes with the domestic violence toll-free hotline number. Mendes sings out against domestic violence because he feels physical and emotional abuse is always wrong. According to the singer, his video is about “Making sure couples treat each other right.”

The Paper Mate company’s latest product is a gel pen that does not smear as easily when writing, and it is called, Ink Joy. The international singing star will give fans a chance to send each other handwritten notes with the new ink gel pens, during his recent tour. The word on social media is that one fan will be chosen to go on a date with Mendes, as a reward for writing the nicest note. The gel ink pen dries up to three times faster, and the pens come in a variety of colors.

The pop star firmly believes in the “power of the written word,” so it was a no contest decision for the company to team up with him. Mendes inspires people to be positive toward one another through his music, and he writes his lyrics with the Ink Joy gel pens. Since 2014, he has been a part of with his #notesfromshawn, as a way to get people to be more optimistic than pessimistic. The Paper Mate company has said publicly, on their website:

Shawn is a true advocate for spreading positivity through his lyrics and we are proud that he uses ink gel pens to inspire his song writing.

The campaign challenges fans to spread the joy by sharing their joyful messages with the singer, on either Twitter or Instagram with #SpreadJoy. Fans only have to take a picture of a hand-written note with the gel pens and post it on one of the two social media sites and be sure to tag #SpreadJoy and Paper Mate in the post. Mendes says that promoting positivity through his music and having a strong impact on his fans has always been significant to him.

His world tour officially started on July 15, so anyone attending one of the sold out shows will see a booth labeled, Spread Joy to get a free ink joy gel pen and a notepad to share their joyous messages. There is also a website set up called,, where fans have until the end of 2016, to enter a positive message. Two grand prize winners will be selected, and one lucky fan will win backstage tickets to one of his concerts, and bring 10 friends. The second grand prize is, three fans will be chosen to spend the day with Mendes, along with three of their friends to spread the joy.

Mendes uses his singing to promote positivity and stand out against domestic violence. It something that is very important to him, spreading the message that physical or emotional abuse is not healthy for anyone.

By Katherine Miller
Edited by Jeanette Smith


Paper Mate ink Joy: Paper Mate partners with Shawn Mendes on his “Shawn Mendes World Tour.”
Just Jared Jr.: Shawn Mendes wanted to spread the message about domestic violence with “Treat You Better” vid #notesfromShawn

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