Taylor Swift Director Compared Kardashian Attack to O.J. Simpson Support


In February 2016, Kanye West released his album, “The Life of Pablo,” which featured the song, “Famous” that included controversial lyrics about Taylor Swift. “People” reported that on Sunday, July 17, West’s wife Kim Kardashian, posted a video to Snapchat of her husband holding a conversation with Swift concerning the reference he made about her in his single. Kardashian’s video made it seem Swift was aware of the controversial lyrics and had no right to complain. According to “Entertainment Weekly,” one of Taylor Swift’s directors, Joseph Kahn, compared the attack by Kardashian to her father’s support of O.J. Simpson.

Kahn stated, “it’s not the first time the Kardashian family has supported the murder of an innocent blonde woman.” Kahn’s comments have come under fire, especially with the coverage of the 20-year anniversary of the infamous case. It is clear in Kardashian’s Snapchat video, Swift was unaware the conversation was being recorded. The remainder of this conflict played out through Twitter.

“US Weekly” provided a transcript of the phone conversation depicted in Kardashian’s video. The lyrics in question are: “I feel like me and Taylor still might have sex/Why? I made that b***h famous.” Representatives for Swift stated: “West did not call for approval on lyrics but requested that she release his single “Famous” on her Twitter account.”Taylor Swift

In the phone conversation, West only shared the first half of the lyrics, which were, “I feel like me and Taylor still might have sex.” It is clear she was hesitant about these lyrics because she immediately stated, “this is close to overexposure.” In the conversation she claimed she took the lyrics as a compliment, however, that was before she heard the rest of the sentence.

Swift did state, it would not matter how he changed the lyrics because the context was misleading and would be considered tongue-in-cheek. The singer/songwriter also argued that West promised she would love the song. On Monday, July 18, the singer responded to Kardashian’s attack on Twitter by stating, “you don’t get to control someone’s emotional response to being called a b***h in front of the entire world.” West did promise to play the song for her but never did.

The singer/songwriter maintained she would not be able to approve the lyrics to a song she had not heard. She was annoyed about the lyrics but was even more upset because she was falsely painted as a liar. Kahn has directed several of her music videos including “Bad Blood,” “Blank Space,” and “Wildest Dreams.”

Kahn showed his loyalty as a director to Swift when he made his comparison of the attack by Kardashian to her father’s support of Simpson. Kahn defended his controversial comments by stating no one knew anything about the Kardashians until her father, Robert, played a supportive role during the Simpson murder trial during the 1990s. Kahn goes on to suggest the Kardashians were only brought back into the limelight in the 21st Century after a sex tape was leaked starring West’s wife and Ray J.

The singer/songwriter has argued this entire scenario could be considered character assassination. These attacks should lead to the representatives for Swift filing defamation suits and other litigation since she was recorded without her knowledge. Swift concluded her defense on Twitter requesting to be excluded from any more of West’s narratives.

She never asked to be connected to his unexpected outbursts that started back in 2009, when he stormed the stage at the award show to pledge his support for Beyoncé. This is why West feels he made her famous. Kahn may have been careless when he compared the attack on Swift, with the Kardashian support of Simpson but the director made it clear the singer had no intention of taking these attacks and instances of slander lightly.

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Edited by Cathy Milne and Jeanette Smith


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