Investigators in New York Seeking Answers After Bomb Injured 29 [Updates]

On September 17, 2016, at approximately 8:30 p.m. EDT, 29 people were injured in an explosion outside a building in a Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan, New York. Occurring between Sixth and Seventh Avenues, a building located at 135 23rd Street endured a significant blast from an explosive device.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) and Mayor Bill de Blasio, told CNN, “The New York Fire Department has implemented an extensive investigation with local law enforcement regarding the 29 victims injured in the Manhattan, New York explosion. Authorities have not linked this bombing to one reported earlier in New Jersey, or blame terrorists.”

Pipe Bomb in New Jersey 9:30 a.m.

The New Jersey State Police Bomb Squad reported that there was pipe-bomb denotated along the route of the 5k Seaside Semper Five Marine Corps Charity run site earlier in the day. Once the explosion was reported, the New Jersey Police Department enforced a four-block radius roadblock, to protect citizens.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is aiding the New Jersey State Police Bomb Squad in determining the reasoning behind the occurrence. Thus far:

  • The perpetrator is unknown.
  • Multiple devices were found in denotated garbage cans but malfunctioned.
  • No one was injured during detonation.
  • Several residents reported they could hear and feel vibrations from the blast.

injuredUpdate: Approximately four blocks from the initial blast law enforcement uncovered a suspicious device. According to authorities, it was confirmed to be a silver pressure cooker with black tape along the handle with a cellular device attached. The police are still investigating the suspect device.

Update: Sept. 18, according to CNN, the bomb squad is still searching for more explosive devices. NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce explains that officials are continuing to fit all of the pieces together. Officials are reviewing surveillance videos and ask the public to help bring the perpetrators to justice.

There are some similarities between the bombs in New York and New Jersey. However, they have found no evidence that they are connected.

This is an ongoing story. Updates will be provided as they become available.

Written by Jhayla D. Tyson
Edited by Cathy Milne


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