iOS 10 Is New iPhone Software

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iOS 10

On Sept. 13, 2016, Apple Inc. released its first official version of the iOS 10. According to Mashable, the release of the new software took months of beta testing before Apple users were able to get their hands on it. The beta version of the new iPhone software was available for a couple of months before the release of the full iOS 10 version.

However, the new version has caused major problems with bricking. This causes a wide variety of issues, including the iPhone not responding. The problems range from easy to hard to fix. The bricking issues are for iPhone and iPad users, according to The Daily Mail.

Even though users are experiencing glitches, if they are able to install the new software for the iPhone, they seem happy with the ability to finally get rid of the Stocks app. Fortunately, the glitches with iOS 10 did not keep users away. Millions of users flooded social media to share their thoughts on the changes.

It would seem users liked that the running man emoji has grown muscles. The iOS offers new emojis that users expressed excitement about. Thre are also ones in which users are peeved about and prefer not to have. For instance, the new water pistol that replaced the gun emoji was not well received. Users say, it makes their messages seem less threatening, which is most likely, what Apple was going after.

12 Things the iOS 10 Update Does

The iPhone update, according to Mashable, brings Siri to third-party apps and adds high performance to iMessages, which gives it sovereignty. Even though Siri and iMessages may be the stars of iOS 10, there are other features users are excited about. Although, they are not readily apparent.

  1. Voicemail Transcription: Allows users to preview the message before listening to it. Since this feature is still in beta, it is not 100 percent accurate at the moment.
  2. Change the home button back: A new feature that many of the Apple users are not happy about is the home button. Instead of the user resting their finger on it, the button must be pressed.
  3.  Notifications grouped by day: Notifications are now grouped by days, which makes it easier to delete the entire screen.
  4. Control flashlight brightness: In the redesigned Control Center, users are able to control the brightness of the flashlight using 3D Touch. The user can hard press the home button and choose between low, medium and bright settings.
  5. Low-quality mode for photos in iMessages:  iMessages now include a Low-Quality Image Mode. This allows users to save on data when sending pictures to their friends. This, however, will not affect the quality of the pictures received from friends.
  6. Edit Live Photos: Editing controls now include a brilliance slider. Not only can users apply the edits to still images, they can apply them to Live Photos, which is edited like any other image.
  7. Close all Safari tabs: Users can now get rid of all tabs all at once. Just hold down the tab button (the icon on the bottom right in Safari that looks like two boxes) to shut them all.
  8. Doodle on photos: Snapchat style doodles are now available to Photos, using Markup. Simply tap the edit button to get there.
  9. Siri does selfies: Users can now ask Siri to take a selfie and she will launch the front camera. Users will still have to push the shutter button to take the picture.
  10. 3D Touch notifications: 3D Touch better interacts with notifications. For instance, it allows users to respond to incoming messages without leaving an opened app.
  11. Handwriting in iMessages: Users can now add their own touch to their messages. In order to use the feature, turn the phone to landscape view while inside a message. It will automatically bring up the handwriting input.

The new iOS 10 software for iPhone is built into the new iPhone 7, as well as the larger 7 Plus. Both phones go on sale September 16, in the U.K., according to the announcement in San Francisco, California last week.

By Tracy Blake
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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