M5.6 Earthquake Maybe Strongest in Oklahoma Recorded History



The USGS has recorded that a M5.6 Earthquake has hit Oklahoma, NW of Pownee. The quake rocked Central, Northern Oklahoma at approximately 7:02 CT. One witness was quoted as say “That was the biggest earthquake I’ve ever felt,” according to News9.

The earthquake’s epicenter was located eight miles northwest of Pawnee, which is 21 miles south of Ponca City, and 73 miles north, northeast of Oklahoma City.

Though there was no immediate damage reported, reports suggest that it was the strongest Oklahoma earthquake on record.

The earthquake rattled at least 7 states because of its shallowness as the depth was reported to be approximately 4 miles deep. When an earthquake tends to be shallow it can spread farther in distance than a deeper earthquake.

It is relatively small in terms of what would produce major fatalities. There is likely to be some damage.

Meteorologist are warning that there will be some aftershocks with this particular earthquake.

By DiMarkco Chandler


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