Suspect Pronounced Dead After Shooting and Injuring Nine in Houston [Video]

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A Houston attorney, who was unhappy about issues at his law firm, went on a shooting rampage, injuring nine individuals. The incident took place Sept. 26, 2016, before he was gunned down by police officers after they arrived at the chaotic scene, Houston police stated.

Martha Montalvo, the Acting Police Chief, mentioned one victim had been severely hurt, and the others were rushed to the hospital.  Witnesses, who were near the West University area of Southwest Houston, watched as the shooter started taking shots at every car that passed the building.

According to CNN News, the shooter was later identified as Attorney Nathan DeSai. Angry, over circumstances at his law firm, DeSai took his frustration out on whoever stepped in his the way. As stated by his profile on the State Bar of Texas website, DeSai practiced business, criminal, and family law.

Eyewitness: Almost Felt the Bullets

As the sun was slowly rising Monday morning, Antoine Wilson, all of a sudden found himself in a crossfire, just seconds after turning the corner on the street.

“I was right there with the shooter and did not know what was going on,” he expressed to KTRK News. “Bullets were almost literally, flying by my face as soon as I stuck my head out the window trying to see what was going on.”

The next thing he knew, the police arrived, and they were running down the street in swarms.

“The sound of people screaming were everywhere,” Wilson alleged. “There were sturdy firings, going back and forth … the shooter and hordes of police. Then helicopters started popping out of nowhere.”

After getting a 911 call, Firefighters rushed to the scene. It was not long after that the police showed up in crowds. Tons of gunfire was going out rapidly.  CNN reported.

“Still a little bit of shock,” Wilson mentioned in an interview with KTRK. “I have never been in anything like this before in my life.”

Written by Jomo Merritt
Edited by Cathy Milne


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Image Courtesy of Geralt’s Pixabay Page – Public Domain License