Donald Trump Resembles Dictators and Cult Leaders [Video]

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On Sunday, Oct. 16, 2016, approximately 200 people walked out during Amy Schumer’s performance after she made comments about the Republican presidential nominee. However, 2,000 people stayed until the end of her show. The latest shocking accusations of sexual assault against Donald J. Trump comes from Natasha Stoynoff, a writer for People Magazine. Her 2005 incident was confirmed by at least a half a dozen close friends and co-workers. The real estate mogul possesses several other characteristics of a cult leader and a dictator.

Schumer is known for her raunchy humor and she never backs down from a challenge. When Trump supporters did not like her portrayal of the billionaire they booed her and walked out. In this country, people are allowed to leave when they feel uncomfortable at a particular event or situation. That is just one reason America is great. Freedom of choice is a protected right that citizens hold sacred. People are allowed to disagree with one another. It is not a crime to have a different opinion from one’s neighbor.

The comedian expressed her opinion by implying his supporters were “blindly following him.” This is not a crime, after all, the Republican nominee disagrees with people on a daily basis. However, he does not care for anyone disagreeing with him. Dictators and cult leaders have the same “my way, or the highway” attitude. Trump feels that he is the only person capable of running the country. CNN news anchors laughed at the women he chose as his spokesperson and as the head of his campaign press staff.

James Fallon, a neuroscientist for Psychology Today, recently wrote a paper on the mind of a dictator. Such a person is brimming with self-confidence and has an overwhelming thirst for power. Another characteristic includes a demonstration of strong sexual desire. Trump takes pleasure announcing that he continuously surrounds himself with models and others he finds attractive. He is often distracted when a beautiful woman crosses his line of sight and makes comments on her looks.

Adolf Hitler created policies during his 11-year reign, which triggered World War II and caused the deaths of millions of people. He believed nationalism was the best political stance for his country and discarded any other views. Driven by his lust for power, Hitler’s actions created the Holocaust. He put his citizens to death if they were Jewish. The dictator believed the perfect man was 6 feet tall with blonde hair and blue eyes, in spite of the fact that he was not that tall and had brown hair. Although the head of the Nazi regime did not care for business, whereas Trump thrives in his businesses. Hitler was politically motivated and abused his power to do what he alone thought was right for his country. Correspondingly, the real estate mogul’s famous words that he alone can fix America, simply because he believes he is the only one who can.

Donald Trump and Joseph Stalin

  • Joseph Stalin exhibited control through terror in his 24-year reign over the Union of Soviet Social Republic (USSR) intimidating his own people, and when he felt threatened he killed the people who caused these feelings.
  • Trump immediately lashes out at anyone he feels is a threat.
  • Stalin was married twice and had several mistresses.
  • Trump has been caught on tape boasting of his attraction to beautiful women and has made rude comments about women who did not measure up to his expectations.
  • Trump met with Mark Singer to have his  profile updated in the latter half of the 1990’s. When asked him if he considered himself to be an optimal person. The real estate mogul replied, the optimal person to have work in his company would be a fine-looking woman.

No matter how rudely Trump speaks about women or immigrants, his fans pledge undying support to him, as cult members would to their leader. A dictator does what he believes is best for his country, but in America, the president can not tell the Senate and the Congress what to do, because all three have to agree laws can change. This country is based on democracy, which means it is not a one man or women show.

Opinion by Katherine Miller
Edited by Cathy Milne


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Image Courtesy of Andrzej Wojtowicz Flickr Page – Creative Commons Licence