Donald Trump Running a Presidential Campaign or Leading a Cult?

TrumpIs Donald Trump running a presidential campaign or leading a cult? The Republican nominee is telling voters he alone can solve all their problems and thousands of proud supporters have unquestioned trust in his leadership. The “all in” mentality that questions nothing is one of the telltale signs of a cult. This is not a presidential campaign based on policies; instead, it is more like a well thought out “them against us” conspiracy.

Unlike any previous campaign, Trump followers refuse to question anything he says and senselessly defend any of his actions. It is rare for anyone to believe everything a politician says because it is their job to influence by any means necessary, however, this breed of loyalty is unprecedented outside of mindless sheep with cultish behavior.

With all of the antics and false hope, one should question if the businessman really wants to do the work involved with the presidential office, or is it another challenge to feed his unbridled ego. Trump already believes he is the most powerful man in the world, now he has millions of supporters to affirm this affliction.

This is not a Hillary Clinton testimonial; it is more of a “put the cyanide Kool-Aid down and wake up!” plea. Many within the Democratic nominee’s voting base have not subscribed to an “all or nothing” mentality. They understand she is a flawed woman but have chosen to support her despite her faults. Acknowledging the obvious and pushing past it is very different from blind, unwavering support.

Although many Republicans have fallen back, Trump has created a cult of mechanical followers who are more loyal to him than to their own country. A great deal of his campaign is staged on a conspiracy theorist foundation. Everything is a plot against him and anyone who questions or challenges the candidate becomes an enemy.

Trump claims the debates are rigged, the polls are rigged and if Clinton wins the election is will also be rigged. The sad reality is he claimed the GOP primary was rigged… until he won. The Republican nominee’s campaign has never been about anything more than his own arrogance. Trump followers are often refueled whenever the candidate’s actions are not presidential. Given these dynamics, more people should be asking if he running a campaign or leading a cult?Trump

Many have countered their faith to bow down at the altar of such narcissistic megalomaniac behavior. Calling supporters deplorable takes it a bit far, but it seems that many are highly misinformed about politics and are extremely gullible. Whatever they hear sounds appealing and without thinking or looking into it, it suddenly becomes “fact” for them. This cultish behavior often accompanies naïve and easily swayed personalities.

This is America where people have the liberty of voting for the candidate of their choosing. Another quality that makes this country so great. The concern is not the freedom of choice; it is more the blind leading the blind. Trump has refused to “learn” policies because he is not a professed politician, however, when running for a political office this is senseless. Is he really the problem, or the supporters who refuse to admit the many frailties he continues to display?

The leading trait surrounding cult leaders is pathologically narcissistic. They have an unhealthy belief that they are superior and have all the answers. Cult leaders need to be revered while demanding absolute loyalty from followers. People like Trump are intolerant of criticism and/or being challenged and questioned. However, despite these obvious traits, they have no trouble attracting subjects willing to overlook these features.

Is Clinton perfect or without known flaws? Absolutely not. Many voters do not require a president without blemishes because that would make them inhumane. However, the Republican nominee has a host of supporters that refuse to admit his blatant madness.  The question remains, “Is Donald Trump running a presidential campaign or leading a newfound cult?”

Opinion by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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