Republicans Are Turning on Donald Trump


An NBC/Wall Street Journal Survey conducted in October 2016, shows that 51 percent of Americans want the Republican Party to pull their support from Donald Trump. The Electoral College has assembled a map of the U.S. that shows nine toss-up states that total 113 electoral votes. The survey shows Democrats  with a seven-point advantage over Republicans.

The chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), Reince Priebus, made a statement on October 10, announcing they would not be dropping their support. He said that Trump was running a “bare-bones campaign that is overly reliant on staff from the RNC, and a reallocation of resources to down-ballot races would effectively doom his campaign.” However, more than 24 legislatures, including the chairman of the Senate Republican Conference John Thune, have requested that Trump drop out of the presidential race.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan stated that he will no longer be defending the Republican nominee Nevertheless, Ryan refuses to pull back his endorsement of the nominee. In addition, He did acknowledge that the members of the House were free to do whatever they felt was best to remain in power. Ryan vowed to prevent Hillary Clinton from having a blank check t0 run her administration, should she become the next president.

Robert Graham, an executive board member of the RNC, stated; “In the end, I will not condemn or abandon a man that has every right to forgiveness as I do. It is my responsibility, as a member of the Republican National Committee, to elect our Republican nominees and defend our country against all enemies. Hillary Clinton is an enemy to our nation’s security, general welfare and blessings of liberty. I will continue to work with passion, integrity and restlessness to stop Hillary Clinton and elect Donald J. Trump.”

Gary Bauer, of The Washington Times, wrote that an anonymous writer in the Claremont Review of Books is referring to the 2016 Election as “The Flight 93 Election.” The metaphor infers the state of America is in the same predicament as the passengers of the hijacked plane on 9/11. He suggests that if citizens do not regain control of the metaphorical cockpit, all will be lost.

Bauer states the polls indicate that two-thirds of the nation believe the country is not on the right track. He compares the terrorists who successfully completed their suicide missions by striking the twin towers and Pentagon to Western countries that have gone off track.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) advised Republican senators to cautiously prepare for Trump’s campaign to collapse. He suggested that senators who are running for re-election, concentrate on their own campaigns and attempt to avoid the Republican controversy and states this has always been his recommendation. Upcoming senators and senators running for re-election, need to listen to the people they want to represent.

In the present climate, it would be difficult for a Republican senator to win under Trump. Knowing this, McConnell is being cautious and refused to talk about Trump when he was attending a luncheon at the chamber of commerce, on October 10.

The Hill reported that Trump has put both McConnell and Ryan in a difficult position, as Republican members of Congress, running for re-election, are expecting votes from his supporters.

On October 11, Trump tweeted that he was glad his shackles had been removed so he could fight for the nation the way he wanted. This comment followed several others directed at Ryan after he stated he would no longer defend or help the Republican nominee with his campaign. He also tweeted comments against the Republican Party, referring to them as disloyal and worse than Clinton, whom he claimed was crooked.

The Atlantic reported that there has not been a time, in recent memory, when a presidential candidate has spoken out against their own party. However, Trump also does not have any long-term ties to the party. While it may seem that the two are at war, tweets suggest this was true before Trump won the nomination.

By Jeanette Smith


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