Trump Leads a Republican Party Hinged With Crazy Glue

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TrumpThe feeling that something has gone wrong in America stretches across both political parties. Although many now admit America is in crisis, this downfall began long before the 2016 electoral season. Donald Trump, the GOP nominee, becoming president of the free world is a very real possibility and the cause for concern. A Trump presidency would not only shake up the world but would change the fabric of America forever. Many within his own party are struggling with the decision to abandon or stay with him. With all the madness surrounding the election, it now seems that the Republican Party is hinged by the mere existence of crazy glue.

The rise of Trump as the ticket holder for the Republican Presidential party is a direct result of the hatred the GOP has maintained for eight solid years for the country’s current leader, Barak Obama. Now in shambles, many within the Republican Party are abandoning their nominee in droves believing he has single-handedly destroyed the possibility to “take back” the White House. Only a radical shift in procedures can change the fate that now looms over America. Yuval Levin, author of “The Fractured Republic” said:

My general sense, looking at this election, is that what we’re witnessing here is the end of something much more than the beginning of something.

While winning the GOP nomination may have been Trump’s strategy, it has left the party struggling for a new resolve. The business mogul has arguably become the worst crisis the Republicans have faced in the modern-day. Whether he wins or succumbs to the Democratic vote, there is no happy ending in sight. The future of the country is uncertain and the Republican Party remains barely connected with crazy glue. One person said:

We cannot do the same thing over and over again, and win! It is not only wrong but also crazy! The Republican Establishment has gone from wrong, which can happen to anyone, to insane.

No party should abuse voters by violating the core principles it stands for, yet, the GOP has done it for years. Even so, like puppets the Party continued to vote Republican every election because the establishment warned that if not, the Democrats would win and Democratic policies are bad for the country. There are two problems with this argument, one it is deceptive, and two it is categorically false. Democrat policies are not restricted to Democrats, nor did some of them even originate within the Party.Trump

With enshrined ideologies and values, the GOP seems to think it is greater than the subjects who claim membership. It is no coincidence that a great deal of the residents of Republican village support “The Donald.” The cries from the people have diverted from experienced politicians as candidates to “whoever will take the helm.”

As the Republican Party remains under the Trump umbrella, some yet grapple with how he fits into the trajectory of the Party. The Party’s state is not surprising; many view it as inevitable. The political monster that the Establishment created from spare parts of the body politic has escaped and no one knows how to restrain it. Thus, leaving the Republican Party hinged on either side with crazy glue otherwise known as Donald J. Trump.

Opinion by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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