69-Year-Old Comedic Great Alan Thicke Passes Away

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Alan Thicke died of a heart attack in Los Angeles, on Dec. 13, 2016. He was 69 years old. Robin Thicke, his son, released the news via a publicist, Carleen Donovan.

The comedic great was born Alan Willis Jeffrey, on March 1, 1947, in Ontario, Canada. Thicke was married three times and has three children.

Before becoming a star in the United States, Thicke was a favorite talk show host in Canada. His career spanned several entertainment genres, singer, comedian, composer, author, and was active with charities like The Muscular Dystrophy Association and The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. One of Thicke’s accolades is that The Father’s Council of Los Angeles named him “Father of the Year.” He was nominated for three Emmy Awards.

Thicke is best known for his portrayal of the genial father, Dr. Jason Seaver, in “Growing Pains.” In this program, he was a work-from-home dad as a psychiatrist. His costars included Joanna Kerns, Kirk Cameron, Tracey Gold, and Jeremy Miller. The ABC program ran between 1985-1992.

He has done cameo appearances on programs like the Netflix series, “Fuller House,” and the CBS comedy, “How I Met Your Mother.” As a composer, he wrote the original score for “Wheel of Fortune,” which was titled, “Big Wheels.” Other musical scores include theme songs for various game shows and TV sitcoms.

The comedian starred in “Chicago,” as Billy Flynn, where he danced and sang throughout the movie. He also traveled with the musical company performing in the stage version of the film.

Twitter rained condolences from other performers, such as Chaka Khan, Larry King, Dave Coulier, Orlando Jones, Bob Saget and more. No further information was released surrounding the comedian’s death.

Written by Cathy Milne


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