Donald Trump Accuser Files Defamation Law Suit [Video]


On Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2016, Summer Zervos accused President Donald J. Trump of unwelcome sexual advances during his presidential campaign. Her lawyer, Gloria Allred is a civil rights attorney and a strong advocate for women’s rights. According to Allred, the forty-fifth president willingly and vindictively dismissed every one of his accusers and shifted the blame to them. He insisted that they were lying and he treated them with nothing but respect.

With her lawyer by her side, Zervos filed her suit three days before Trump’s inauguration. Zervos is just one of the women whose reputation was tarnished for having the courage to speak publicly about what is considered a painful and humiliating moment. More than a dozen females are accusing the man who now holds the highest office in the U.S., calling them all liars the president said he would sue them because ot the allegations they made.

Zervos claims in her suit, that after her part on “The Apprentice” was over she contacted Trump for career advice. The show’s former host responded by asking her to come to the Trump hotel for a meeting. When Zervos arrived at the hotel and Trump took her to his bungalow instead of his office. Once there, the President of the free world immediately pushed himself on her, kissing and touching her inappropriately without consent. The former contestant on the reality show said she kept moving around the room to prevent him from grabbing her.

According to Zervos, she made the decision to come out with her story after hearing the Access Hollywood recording in Oct. 2016, where Trump bragged that he grabbed beautiful women by their private parts and would kiss them. She filed her lawsuit against him to reestablish her tarnished character from the denials and negative comments the president made.

It has been over 50 years since Title Vll of the Civil rights Act was passed. Charges of sexual harassment and assault are just as severe today. There many reported rapes and sexual assault cases against women, men, and even more that are never reported. Below are several things about sexual harassment and sexual assault for clarification.

  1. Whether or not someone is a friend, enemy, stranger, a date, or even a spouse, they need consent first. This does not mean if someone gives consent that they cannot change their mind.
  2.  If someone does change their mind and decides they no longer want to proceed, they are no longer consenting. Hence there is no consent, and the other party must not continue.
  3. How people recover from sexual assault varies, as every victim recovers in their own time, and in their way. Recovering from the trauma of the assault takes time.
  4. It is considered sexual assault if a person is touched in an unwanted sexual manner.
  5. People of different genders can commit sexual assault or become victims.
  6. About one in five women will become a victim of sexual violence or rape, and about one in ten women were raped by someone with whom they were romantically involved.
  7. Nearly one in 70 men will become victims of sexual assault, and one in 40 men have already been sexually assaulted by their spouse or companion.

Zervos sought out a successful, well-respected businessman for career advice. She had expected to meet with him in an office type setting, and instead, she was lead to a casual, comfortable setting. Her lawsuit is about repairing the damage to her character and reputation. No money needs to come out of President Trump’s pocket. All she wants is a public statement and apology stating she was not lying.

By Katherine Miller
Edited by Cathy Milne

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Image Courtesy of Matt Johnson’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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