Many Immigrants Seek the Same as Americans

immigrantThe state of immigration and societal segregation took on a drastic turn of events this weekend as President Donald Trump overhauled the United States refugee policy to establish a fundamental shift in how America allows people to enter the country. On Friday, Trump signed an executive order banning all immigrants and visa holders from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. Non-citizens from these seven majority-Muslim countries cannot enter the country for 90 days. This may also lead to more country-based bans in future. However, many Immigrants just want the same for their families as American strive to attain.

Over the past 20-plus years, a phenomenon called Immigration Reform has been on the forefront of legislation. A Diversity Visa Lottery occurs annually to grant citizens of other countries the opportunity to enter “legally” into the United States of America. Immigration debates have been intense over the last few presidential elections and appeared to be the leading ticket for the current administration.

On one side, people advocate for immigration reform that addresses pertinent issues centered on those who born in America but have illegal immigrant parents and those seeking a sort of asylum in the country from unbearable conditions in their own homeland. Far on the other spectrum are people who feel as though this country belongs to Americans who can read and speak the native language. Their devotion to their country seems to fuel harshness in dealing with “others” they call “foreigners.”

Due to the terroristic activities of the past, along with current threats, Trump took drastic measures to secure American citizens. With such strong feelings from both views, it is no wonder so much debate surrounds the immigration status. Some foreigners have entered the country illegally, and others, with permission, in order to bring harm to this great nation, other immigrants have come seeking the same thing Americans want.immigrant

People of all colors, nationalities, religious beliefs and ethnicities, no matter their social standings are dreaming of the same thing; a better life. Socialism is a problem in America that is not going anywhere fast. However, without change, people will do whatever they deem necessary to survive. It seems the country is hemorrhaging as a nation and a collapse is imminent. The reality is, peril will always surround America, and the borders could stand enhancement. However, many immigrants simply yearn for the opportunities of citizens who have secured life in the Promised Land. They seek the same thing as Americans.

A great deal of attention focused on Trump’s executive refugee resettlement orders along with building the Mexican border wall. The new sanction caused panic and global unrest. As the current administration moves forward to fix America’s broken immigration system, public safety and national security must come first; including the rights of current immigrants.  There is no quick fix for this longstanding problem.

Nevertheless, to refuse entry to people based on where they are from and how they pray is un-American. The all-or-nothing mentality is just as much a “crime” as terrorist activity. Not all Muslims are members of ISIS no more than all Caucasians are white supremacists. What the future looks like for those who are not American born is cloudy, however, many of them simply seek the same thing Americans want… The opportunity for the American Dream.

Opinion by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


NBC News: Trump Defends His Immigration Ban Amid Uncertainty, Public Outcry

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