Jeff Sessions Is One Step Closer to AG Confirmation

SessionsJust one day after a heated debate regarding the nomination, early Wednesday,  February 1, 2017, the Senate Committee approves Jeff Sessions. The narrow margin of 11 – 9 along party lines demonstrate the typical resistance evident in many of high-profile confirmation hearings. Sessions will presumably win since the GOP-controlled Senate is expected to confirm the nomination as reported by NBC News.

On Tuesday, Democrats argued strongly against Sessions based on his prior record regarding civil rights, his hard-nosed stand on immigration, and women’s health care. Additionally, some question the four-term Alabama Senator’s ability to remain non-partisan since he openly endorsed Donald Trump during his run for president. The most vocal was Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn who said, “It’s the job of the attorney general to call [the president] out on” proven lies.

Earlier this week President Trump fired acting AG Sally Yates for failing to enforce the Executive Order restricting immigrant entrance into the U.S. The firing immediately brings to mind an exchange early last year between the far-right Senator Sessions and Yates when Sessions asked if it’s ok to say no to the president if the president asks for something improper. Yates responded by saying, I believe the attorney general is obligated to follow the law and the Constitution and to provide”independent legal advice to the president.”  The report by MSNBC relays the biggest question on the minds of Democrats, can someone who played such a huge role in Trump’s candidacy demonstrate that same type of independence at the Justice Department?

By Jireh Gibson


MSNBC: Jeff Sessions’ independence as AG is hard to imagine
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