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The highly anticipated sequel, “John Wick: Chapter 2,” is slated for release in the United States, on Feb. 10, 2017. The legendary assassin for hire character, played by Keanu Reeves, first debuted in Oct. 2014. The ex-killer showed audiences that he, can and does, have a soft spot, at least for his dog given to him by his deceased wife.

Cut to the first scene where Wick staggers from his vehicle holding his wounded gut. Audiences watched as he crawls to the side of the wrecked SUV, pulls out his phone, and proceeds to watch a video of his wife Helen, played by Briget Moynahan, on the beach. Finally, the hitman falls over and shuts his eyes.

Flashbacks and Gifts

In the first movie, the storyline surfaced slowly. The audience watched as the ex-hitman grieves over his wife’s death, the love of his life, whom he left the mob hitman business for.

Wick’s flashbacks show fans the lives he and his wife had together until she collapsed in his arms from an illness she had that claimed her life. Another flashback shows John at his wife’s funeral as his friend, Marcus, played by Willem Dafoe, tries to comfort the inconsolable ex-hitman.

After many days of waking up saddened, Wick receives a package from his dead wife, as well as a letter telling him she had made peace with her death and she wanted him to do the same. Inside is a beagle that she arranged for her husband to receive after her passing so that he would not be alone. On the dog’s collar is a flower, which made him believe his wife wanted him to call the dog Daisy. Fans watched as Wick feds and cared for the animal his greatest love gave him. Daisy even tags along with him when he takes his out Mustang.

Stopping at a gas station one day to fill the tank Wick runs into three Russian mobsters. One of the gangsters is Iosef Tarasov, played by Alfie Allen, and son of mob boss Viggo, played by Michael Nyqvist. Iosef compliments him on his car and asks how much he wants to sell it for, the ex-hitman says, “it is not for sale.”

They Picked the Wrong Guy to Rob

The action starts one evening when Daisy wakes up her owner to use the bathroom. Making it downstairs, they are unaware two men wait in the shadows. A third man whacks Wick in the head with a baseball bat. tries to fight the men. However, he is outnumbered and overpowered. Even worse, the dog is killed during the fight. Then

A fight begins. However, he is outnumbered and overpowered. Even worse, one of the men breaks his dog’s neck during the fight. Then Iosef takes off his mask revealing himself. Then he knocks Wick out. After the men have left, he takes a sledgehammer to his basement floor to recover his stash of guns and gold.

Iosef then steals the 1969 Mustang and takes it to a shop run by Aurelio, played by John Leguizamo. The owner immediately recognizes the vehicle and asks where the young mobster got it. Iosef brags about stealing the car and killing the guy’s dog.

Confronted by his father, the young mobster is told who he stole the car from, John Wick aka The Boogeyman. When he hears this, the younger Tarasov tells his father that he will take care of it. Ignoring him, Viggo calls Wick to say sorry and tries to come to a resolution. However, John hangs up.

Fearing The Boogeyman’s rath, Viggo sends 12 hitmen to the ex- mobster’s house to kill him before he comes after his son. Unfortunately, for the hitmen, Wick dispatches of them with ease and then summons a cleanup crew. Wick is back; at least for one last job.

The ending scene shows Wick back at the car wounded. This time he gets up and goes inside a building where he finds bandages and hydrogen peroxide to patch himself up. He also finds a new dog, a gray pit bull.

‘John Wick: Chapter 2’

The new movie has a running time of 122 minutes, directed by Chad Stahelski, and written by Derek Kolstad. It is an American neo-noir action thriller film. Before its release, it premiered in Los Angeles, Calif. on Jan. 30, 2017.

The new movie finds the star on the run after a bounty is placed on his head. Of course, the legendary hitman is brought back out of retirement, yet again, in “John Wick: Chapter 2.” However, this time it is a former associate who is plotting to seize control of the international assassins’ guild.

Wick travels to Rome, because of a blood oath that binds him, and fights some of the world’s deadliest killers. The trailer gives some clues as to how the hitman handles himself in the new chapter.

The Boogeyman is shown walking with his pit bull and then the film cuts to him throwing his guns and gold back in the hole in his basement. Next, Wick is being told he is needed for a task. His response is, “I’m not that guy anymore.” He is then told, “You know the rules. If you don’t do this, you know the consequences.”

Cut to phone operators from the fifties, an account is opened in his name, and then the real action begins. He is in the middle of what looks to be a museum, pulls out the gun from his waist, and kills all the intended attacker. Innocent bystanders flee.

The newly appointed hitman is then asked, “You workin?” His reply is, “‘Fraid so.” The actions scenes are packed full of guns, steel, and men and woman out to kill one single person, John Wick. “Whoever comes I’ll kill them; I’ll kill them all.”

By Tracy Blake


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