‘Justice League’ Trailer Showcases Supergroup United for New Action Movie [Video]

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Justice League

The anticipated “Justice League” trailer has been released, as reported by USA Today on Saturday, March 25, 2017, 11:01 ET. In the short preview, DC introduces their Justice team of superheroes to the audience.

The movie’s director, Zack Snyder, has been working on this film since his “Man of Steel” and “Batman v Superman” productions. As a result of Snyder’s brilliance, the “Justice League” trailer welcomes the supergroup of evil fighters as they unite together in battle. In the trailer, Aquaman, the Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman, and other DC heroes come together to form a team, which is ready to fight evil forces.

In viewing the preview, one can realize the director’s excitement when explaining his newest movie, slated for release November 2017. Snyder remarks it is thrilling to see many of the DC icons making their first appearance on the big screen. The trailer showcases the iconic supergroup as it unites in the action-packed powered movie.

The director particularly notes the inclusion of the sea warrior, Aquaman, the super Cyborg, and the Flash. Accordingly, the newly released “Justice League” trailer introduces these newest additions, along with other Justice League members who have already had movie starring roles.

As a teaser, Snyder gave audiences a taste of what was to come, with a fleeting glance of the three newcomers in his “Batman v Superman” movie. In this film, it is Batman who gathers up the supergroup in his effort to protect the world. Accordingly, the “Justice League” trailer ends with Alfred tells Batman, “It’s good seeing you playing well with others again.”

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USA Today: Zack Snyder unites his supergroup in new ‘Justice League’ trailer

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