Donald Trump Learns the Truth About Hardship

TrumpRecently Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, was asked to give a truthful assessment of his first 100 days in office. He stated that he “thought things would be easier.” When considering the fact that throughout Trump’s life he has been fortunate and wealthy it is easy to understand how hardship affects him. This leads one to believe that in times past, his wealth has served as an advantage to ensure he would not have to feel the sting of hardships like many others. In other words, money helps people buy their way out of the “process.”

The word process is used often at New Direction Coaching Associates when working with clients. Process means a series of operations to produce a finished product. If you learn to endure the process while learning the lessons, you can expect growth and maturity from the encounter. However, if you circumvent the process or seek shortcuts, you can also expect to have deficiencies internally. It would be like a child who sits at a table every night for dinner and only eats sugary, processed foods void of nutrition. It is only a matter of time before the body will reflect the level of neglect it has been shown. We cannot short-circuit the process because in doing so we miss the lesson on the art of tenacity.

If the door doesn’t open, it’s not your door.

Most have read or heard this quote at some time on the journey toward success. Is it real or just motivational jargon? The statement about doors opening can be devastating when you end up failing. Life does not easily fit into our box of expectations and random quotes on social media can fall short of providing the tools needed to navigate tough situations.

When faced with hardship, we respond out of the reservoir of our own character. The more shallow our tank, the less likely we are to respond positively. What if we begin to see hardship as a trigger to step up and see value in dark times? Here are three simple truths about life and hardships:

1. Hardship reveals how well we have prepared. Life favors the prepared. Period! Remember back in school when you walked into class and heard there was a pop quiz? The students who have been studying and participating in the class did not seem moved by the announcement. However, the ones who had not prepared were sweating bullets. Why? Preparation breeds confidence. Confidence is the missing link to overcoming hardship. Believing you can, puts you half way to the top.

2. Hardship reveals our level of maturity. Children go nuclear and lose their composure during difficult times. They are unable to see past the next few moments. As we grow up, the maturity to understand the “behind the scenes” information, which is crucial for success, should manifest. If you have never allowed maturity to take place, when hit with trouble you will fold like a piece of lawn furniture.

3. Hardship reveals the content and motives of our circle. Who you hang with matters. Your circle of influence accounts for a great part of your belief system. It is our beliefs that grant the guidepost for navigating life. We go where our beliefs lead. Being connected to people who do not have your best interest at heart can be the kiss of death. Especially if you have no idea who they really are. When hard times hit, you need the support system of quality people around you.

Let’s be real, the easy route does not help you grow! Unlike Trump, most of us have not had a bed of ease to lie upon. It was the fire of trials that forged us for battle. Remember that hardship is the tool life uses to prepare us for destiny. If approached properly, we will stop praying for it to get easier and start praying to get stronger. A quote I have learned to live by is:

I will make you happy Life says. But first, I will make you strong.

TrumpTrump has only been in the Oval Office just shy of 100 days and is already complaining like a kid who wants to escape a summer vacation he begged to go on. This should be insulting to those who helped put him in office. The poor guy blew up before he grew up and now wants out. Trump has the awesome responsibility of leading Americans in public service but somehow feels bamboozled by the real work involved. He said:

I loved my previous life. I had so many things going on. This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier.

The office of president was nothing more than an ego trip for Mr. Trump. He had no experience and never expected to win. Trump has never endured any real hardship and now that he has to navigate serious challenges, #45 wants to run away….back to his old life. The campaign trail fueled Trump’s ego and hardships deflated it. Who knew that running a country would be so much work?

Opinion by Early Jackson
(Edited by Cherese Jackson)


GQ Report: Donald Trump Admits He Thought Being President “Would Be Easier” Than This

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