Donald Trump Tops the Ratings With Newest Reality Show


In a time where Reality TV dominates the world of entertainment, it comes as no surprise that Donald Trump has landed in the White House. Americans love him because #45 plays the role like none other. The unfortunate reality is, this is no act for the former “Apprentice” celebrity. Scripted shows have grown stale and boring for a lot of viewers. Reality shows are much more popular because they are unpredictable and fresh. To no surprise, President Trump tops the ratings, again, with his newest reality show.

The world watched as the 2017 presidential election played out like a top-rated reality show. Trump, true to form, merged drama, politics and celebrity status to propel himself forward. Prior to the election, Trump had established himself as a reality television star. His former NBC hit “The Apprentice” ran successfully for many seasons, followed by “Celebrity Apprentice.” In an interview with “TIME,” the mogul said:

I go on one of these shows and the ratings double, they triple, and that gives you power.

These last few months, with the Oval Office taking center stage, have been nothing short of an unscripted reality show. Just like many of the key players in reality television, Trump’s newest reality show conveys the wrong impression to today’s youth. His actions and bid for the White House suggest that education should not be a priority when seeking success and that wealth is the only thing necessary to gain the upper hand.

Many reality stars do not have or promote a higher education. Instead, the person with the most notoriety is the one who causes the most drama. Those people tend to earn spin-offs, marketing opportunities, and/or features on other shows. Hence, the reason social media has blown up with imitations of this negative behavior as young people continue to seek success.  In real life, hard work and an education are requirements for success.

Face it, Trump soared through the primaries by being contentious, dramatic and the loudest candidate. Now, the spin-off for him focuses on the White House and his surrounding cabinet of unlikely cast members. Americans love Trump because he is the master of insults and the prototypical reality TV star. For many, this type of unscripted and unimaginable behavior “trumps” the scripted world of entertainment any day.Trump

Trump tops the ratings with his newest reality show. The mogul knows how to keep the attention of the world focused on himself. If the presidential ratings start to slip, a new leak, tweet, remark, or otherwise controversial action quickly propels the scores to a new high. As a celebrity, he understands the power of interaction and utilizes Twitter as the main stage to deliver unfiltered suggestions to his audience. This simple approach lends to his appeal and perceived “authenticity” with the generation of fans who love reality television.

In the latest “dramatic” twist of events, Trump admits to leaking classified information to the Russians. It started as the fear of a generalized possible infection of the election and has now proven to be one of the largest scandals in America’s history. The President used his Twitter fingers to confirm that he revealed classified information to the foreigners who “carried out a hostile cyber attack on America’s most recent election.” In a recent set of tweets, #45 posted:

As President I wanted to share with Russia (at an openly scheduled W.H. meeting) which I have the absolute right to do, facts pertaining to terrorism and airline flight safety. Humanitarian reasons, plus I want Russia to greatly step up their fight against ISIS & terrorism.

As great as Shonda Rhimes is with her masterful storylines on shows such as “Scandal,” it is hard to imagine anyone making this stuff up. From “The Apprentice” to the White House, Trump has successfully soared through the world of reality TV. As viewers sit on the edge of their seats, crouched in front of television sets across the globe, Donald Trump continues to top the ratings with his new reality show… “Inside the White House!”

Trump’s oversized ego, coupled with success on “Celebrity Apprentice” propelled him toward the Oval Office and the rules of reality television accompanied him.  The mogul shows no remorse or shame when confronted with underhanded stunts and his loyal followers never back down.  The rules of fame have changed as the road to the White House brightens for reality stars.

Satire by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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