Is Sologamy the Next Marriage Trend? [Video]

sologamyThe institution of marriage that once was, solely between male and female, has shifted to include same-sex unions. Americans learned that the lifelong pledge to love and honor surpassed the boundaries of the heterosexual community. It seems religion, public opinion and laws have overridden what many Americans thought was written in “stone.” In addition to the recent changes, now people are marrying themselves in a full ceremony.  Is sologamy is the next marriage trend?

Although the newest practice of a “solo-union” is not recognized in the United States or Europe, it has become a growing movement across the globe. The benefits, according to those who have partaken, are plentiful. The core of this new marriage trend is real self-love. The profession of those in support of sologamy is:

Alright, I will take your outmoded tradition, your patriarchal road to ruin, and make it about myself in every single way.

The practice of self-marriage dates back 20 years. Reportedly, a woman named Linda Baker was the first person to marry herself back in December 1993.  Although it is a growing trend, many critics believe it is a narcissistic act. Instead of promoting self-sufficiency, those who oppose think it is selfish and useless.

Sologamy is still illegal and does not provide any additional tax breaks. It is simply a symbolic practice that is designed to empower single women who have often felt slighted because they had not met and fallen in love with their soul mate. It supposedly counters low self-esteem without all of the added pressures of being married. Ironically, many participants are still open to finding true love outside of themselves and support traditional marriage.

Today, the institution of marriage has expanded to include same-sex marriage, polyamorous relationships, polygamy, and now marriage to one’s self. Is sologamy the new marriage trend? The thought of any type of binding union outside of a man and woman is blasphemous to many within the Christian faith. A famous preacher named Dietrich Bonhoeffer once preached:

Marriage is more than your love for each other. It has a higher dignity and power, for it is God’s holy ordinance, through which He wills to perpetuate the human race until the end of time.

Much of society has changed its views on the concept of marriage or the qualifying components. The growing trend of “sologamist” have joined the celebration. These feminist are known to have a full wedding ceremony complete with a ring, white gown, friends, and family. They also go on a honeymoon and celebrate anniversaries. One woman hadSologamy a lavish wedding with 10 bridesmaids. After the ceremony, which took place at the Houston Museum of African American Culture, she took herself on a honeymoon to Cambodia and Dubai.

Love or hate sologamy, it seems to capture the public imagination. While some think it is narcissistic, supporters strongly disagree. According to the sologamy community, marrying one’s self is not about overly being in love with self or vanity; contrariwise, the focus is on committing wholeheartedly to be content with and love one’s self and become more accepting of others and their choice of love. Self-marriage allows participants to have a greater capacity for human connection.

Although marrying one’s self is self-serving, it is not narcissistic behavior.  Self-weddings are not an indulgent fanfare of selfies and bling. Sologamy centers on the developing a sense of self-worth, as opposed to feelings of insecurity that often accompany those with single lifestyles.

Self-marriage celebrates the art of being single. It teaches women (and men) to be happy with themselves and not wait for another to do this for them. It defies the stigma surrounding single status that often supports unhealthy relationships. The institution of marriage has expanded to include a variety of unions. Is sologamy the next marriage trend?

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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  1. Cathy Milne   May 24, 2017 at 6:01 pm

    I would have to agree that Sologamy is a narcissistic act. Whatever happened common sense? It is the act of a person desperately trying to prove that they are worthy of love.

    Frankly, it seems to be an exaggerated and overt way of sticking it to those who never proposed. I feel sorrow for a person so desperate.

    When I first heard this term, I laughed so hard tear came to my eyes!


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