What Is My Passion?


At this point in my life, I see the reason why people often say that time flies!

As a child you want to be an adult. The reality is: We are always searching for something. People want to be young again. Oh, what I could do over! I would just play, frolic, and enjoy my youth. No responsibilities and depending on someone else is a whole different feeling. You know someone will be there if you fall.

Longing to be out in the world free and accountable for yourself is a great feeling. Then, you see what this world is really about; the hustle and bustle of everyday life is so draining.

Nobody ever told me I would need to have good credit! Nobody ever told me that people are harsh and have the potential to shatter my world.

Living paycheck to paycheck is a horrible feeling. Living beyond your means is even worse. Debt is a hard thing to overcome. I have learned through experience that if I realize my passion, I will be happier overall.

I went to school three times for three different occupations; Auto-mechanics, surgical technician, and cosmetology school. None of which were my true passion, and in turn, I was unsuccessful.

However, I did work in all three fields, but I was never happy. I never felt like I would like to retire from any of those jobs.

Working in the auto industry was tough! I was a girly-girl changing tires and doing oil changes. This job was a great accomplishment, but I never got to do any real work on the vehicles. I was prohibited from doing anymore than maintenance.

It was the type of discrimination I faced throughout my career as an auto-mechanic. I trained the interns on the basics and they would get promoted while I stayed at the same position. It was so frustrating that I burned every bridge in the automotive industry except for my current job.

I was hot-headed and had a mouth like a sailor. I think I cursed out every man in all the dealerships I worked at before leaving the field.

Surgical tech school was enlightening. Being a surgical technician was a great job. However, the surgeons were not very nice. As the doctor’s right hand, you would think they would treat you well. This was not the case. They acted as if they were so much better than others.

“We all put our pants on one leg at a time,” I said as I stormed out of that job. If memory serves me right, I believe I burned that bridge as well. It really takes a special person to work in that industry.

Creating a business was my goal after all that. The next step was nails and waxing. I must say, cosmetology school was the most fun. The licenses allowed me to make something of myself. I was able to start my own business called, “Joycie’s Mobile Toes.” After the seventh in-home toes event, while doing nails in my own home; I was over it. It just was not my passion.

I met some great people throughout that adventure, but it was one of those situations where I needed money to make money. Sometimes people ask me if I still do toes. It is funny the things people remember me for.

So here I am, present day, working at an independent dealership doing title work and living paycheck-to-paycheck. As a seasoned worker and knowledgeable of the credit severity, I have realized that my life has passed me by, and I never found my real passion.

In that somber moment, I decided to write. Who knows? Maybe this is what I have been looking for this whole time. Two great things came out of my efforts to become a writer; I wrote two children’s books. One is self-published and the other was inspired by my grand-daughter.

Life is funny in a way; as long as you make money, you can survive. However, can you be happy?

Written by Joyce Preston
Edited by Jeanette Smith

Top and Featured Image Courtesy of Pierre PRESTAT’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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