The Non-United State of America…I’m Just Saying


In case you have not noticed, the United States of America is far from being united on many of the most important themes that made us the recognized leader of the free world. While this country has long basked in the spotlight as the Democracy that champions freedom, individual choice, and the American Dream, that imagery and illusion has been unmasked. The true spirit of America — at its core — is out for the whole world to see.

Americans recently elected Donald Trump to become its 45th president on his message of “Make America Great Again.” During his first six-plus months in office: Trump has appointed a Cabinet, staff, and a Supreme Court Justice who favor rolling back many of the essential gains made by minorities and special interest groups. He has either introduced or initiated policies to restrict voter registration and immigration, reverse affirmative action, and keep homosexuals and transgender Americans out of the military.

While I could go on and on about the president’s policies and stated agenda and how it polarizes this country politically and ideologically, I want to really thank the current state of America’s dysfunction. It highlights, at the core, what America has truly been great at:

  • Taking (ask a Native American)
  • Enslaving and lynching (ask an African American)
  • Incarcerating (just look at the statistics on America’s imprisoned compared to the rest of the world)

It has been a little over fifty years since the civil and voting rights act were signed into law, but again: What does that say about America being “Great Again?”

I know that America has come a long way since the days of lynching, voter intimidation, and discrimination in the public eye, but it is the subversive dealings that have been planned and initiated that has me scared! Where is this country headed and where will it be a decade from now?

Basic core values like truth, respect, and honesty are no longer championed. Our leaders, politicians, entertainers, and athletes alike are purchased and influenced by money and power! When people are mishandled simply because of who they love, the color of their skin or their religion of choice, united is not a realized part of the equation. This does not erase the continued mission of America to live up to the promise of freedom the country has declared. However, it also does not eliminate the pain of a hope not realized.

News and media outlets are compromised and cannot be counted on for the real truth. All this being said, America still chugs along, as its citizenry accepts the misinformation and chaos, and like conditioned animals chooses sides like warring factions instead of working together to make this country truly great for once in its history!

Somewhere I read that we are only as strong as our weakest link…In America, the strong is made stronger by stepping on and manipulating the weak links!  I’m just saying.  America is a great country filled with possibility. However, it is anything but united.  The concepts of liberty and freedom are under attack. While some boast of the virtues of equality, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, other Americans are still reaching to “qualify” for the benefits of these rights.

Unity in diversity should be the goal for this “great” nation but the reality is, many citizens remain overwhelmed by the non-united state of America.  I’m just saying.

Written by James Cannon
Edited by J. Smith – Amended by C. Jackson

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Thomas Hawk’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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