The Heat Is Getting to Me


As a child, I loved the summer months living in the Bronx. It was always a wonderful time to play hand ball and go to the corner store with my big sisters. We never wore sun screen and did not worry about the bugs that could potentially bite us. We never worried about drinking contaminated water from a water fountain. It was just a happy time to frolic and enjoy the freedom of no school.

Throughout the years, the summers have gotten hotter and hotter, and the heat became more unbearable. The rain has become heavier and the bugs have become more dangerous. Now, when I watch the news the weatherman says, “Today, in Arizona, it’s a scorching 120 degrees.” It boggles my mind to think of the sun beaming down so strong, causing children to feel under the weather due to heat exhaustion. It is a scary thing to think about. I can only imagine the electric bills, in southern states, are as high as the rent payment because air conditioners are working overtime.

I remember when the big campaign to recycle started, and people were pro saving the earth. Our world needs a band-aid, and a real wake-up call saying, ” let’s get back to the basics.” I believe the generation before us forgot to reiterate the importance of conserving this great earth. I see people older than me throwing cans in the regular garbage, not recycling bins. People are also throwing trash right out of their car windows. It doesn’t make sense, especially when there are big garbage cans at the end of every street.

Pollution is everywhere and it is caused by us. The water contamination is not a little issue, either. The heat is getting to me and I cannot even get relief from the local beach. As a child, my grandmother took me to Orchard Beach. Now, living in upstate New York, I would not let my children go into any body of water because of the contamination that has happened. Our great lakes are all a bit contaminated. The fish wash up on the shore from time to time. What a horrific thought to realize the enormity of this issue.

Will our new president attempt to fight to save our earth? Icebergs are melting as the Earth’s heat rises, and we are standing still. All these things are connected and I just hope we can at least attempt to fix the issues at hand.

I remember when Obama was on the television one day and he urged all youth and fellow Americans to do their part and to reach out if they had any ideas in the conservation movement of energy. It was a powerful speech.

I was so excited to see the main man in charge, reaching out to us. The short sighted individuals that couldn’t see past their own reservations, dismissed the thought of even listening to Obama and his efforts were demeaned.

The heat is getting to me and I don’t know how to stop it. The car industry and the energy companies are the biggest culprits to the demise of our world, in my opinion.

In a perfect world, we would all work as one unit and would not worry about money, fancy cars, expensive apartments, the color of people’s skin, etc. We would be helping others. Planting gardens, recycling, riding bikes to work, and wearing sun hats would be the norm. Maybe one day, we can tell our children that there was a time in our life when we almost lost this great earth, but we brought it back. It really is wishful thinking. Who knows if we are even able to.

Written by Joyce Preston
Edited by Tracy Blake


Joyce Prestong: Opinion on Heat and Pollution

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Sergey Galyonkin’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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