Five Former U.S. Presidents Speak at Hurricane Relief Concert in Texas


Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017, the last five living U.S. Presidents appeared at a benefit concert, in Texas, to raise money for hurricane relief.

Former Presidents Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barak Obama were at the Deep From the Heart: The One America Appeal fundraising concert at Texas A&M University in College Station.

President Trump, who did not make it to the event, sent a taped video message. He did, however, thank his predecessors for their astounding assistance. According to a White House official, Trump urges Americans to be as charitable as possible in helping the victims recover.

Country and rock musicians performed at the concert. Sam Moore and Lyle Lovett were among those to lend their voice talents. Lady Gaga also made an unbilled appearance expressing her gratitude in a tweet, “Nothing more appealing than everyone coming together in the wake of a tragedy,” she included this #OneAmericaAppeal.

Each President had inspiring words for hurricane survivors. The older Bush said, “Know that we are all with you for the long run in a journey that seems never-ending.”

Obama spoke praised him: “He and former first lady Barbara Bush set a fine example for everyone.”

Carter has worked with Habitat for Humanity for over 35 years and announced that they pledge to build 6,000 homes in the wake of this disaster. The organization has already raised 20 million of the 100 million dollars needed.

By Katherine Miller
Edited by Cathy Milne


CNN: Five ex-Presidents attend hurricane relief concert: Trump appears in video message

Top and Featured Image Courtesy of Ed Schipul’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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