New Study Demonstrates a Tie Between Sugar and Cancer


A nine-year Belgian study offers new evidence of links between sugar and cancer, on October 21, 2017, explaining how this affects tumors development.

Cancer consists of the anarchical growth of determined human cells. It is known that cells need sugar, in form of glucose, to successfully work and reproduce. Cancer cells consume more energy (sugar) than regular, fermenting the glucose into lactic acid, which leads to the acceleration of tumor growth.

Belgian researchers used yeast cells to understand the relationship between sugar and development of tumors; yeast cells have similar proteins to those found in cancerous cells.

Professor Johan Thevelein explains:

Our research reveals how the hyperactive sugar consumption of cancerous cells leads to a vicious cycle of contained stimulation of cancer cells and development.

This study states the Warburg Effect, used to detect brain tumors, as the perfect example of how cancerous cells burn sugar faster than regular, stimulating the growth of maligns tissues. This piece of work was published in Nature Communications science journal.

Written by Gian Torres
Edited by Cathy Milne


WAtoday: New research explores link between sugar and cancer

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