Nazanin Zaghari-Radcliffe in Iranian Prison for Espionage


Nazanin Zaghari-Radcliffe is a dual British-Iranian citizen, who is imprisoned in Iran on charges of espionage.

When she was jailed, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson told a parliamentary committee in Britain that Zaghari-Radcliffe was teaching journalists in Iran. However, her family and employer have stated that she was on vacation.

A few days later, she was requested to attend an unscheduled hearing. Johnson’s comments were used to prove Zaghari-Radcliffe was participating in “propaganda against the regime.”

She has served 19 months of her five-year sentence.

On Nov. 15, Johnson met with her husband, Richard Radcliffe, and promised the U.K. government has been, and would continue to do everything possible to bring his wife home. Radcliffe said this meeting was comforting and productive.

He intends to visit Tehran with Johnson before the end of the year, in hopes to bring Zaghari-Radcliffe back to Britain. The family has maintained that she is innocent and was on vacation.

Radcliffe asked Johnson to grant his wife diplomatic protections but a decision has not been afforded. The Foreign Office said that diplomatic protection is granted British citizens who are being treated poorly in another country. Zaghari-Radcliffe is entitled diplomatic protection but Johnson said “it is a big step.”

Written by Jeanette Smith


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