Gospel Singer Changes His Tune and Emerges as a Bisexual R&B Artist

singerFormer gospel singer changes his tune from gospel to R&B and his identity from straight to bisexual. The artist recently announced a new name, came out as bisexual and wants to focus on R&B music. In 2012, Aaron Thomas became a household name with his gospel song, “In Your Presence.” After a season of depression and something of an identity crisis, the newly identified singer, Thomas Stone, hopes to inspire people in a more authentic way.

The 27-year-old singer, born and raised in Philadelphia, has competed on the nationally televised singing competitions such as “American Idol” and “Sunday’s Best.” However, the former gospel artist did not really feel as if he belonged to the Christian music industry. The songwriter grew up in church and described his childhood as sheltered.

I Grew up singing in the church. All I knew was the church. I love it and I love God. But one thing I could never agree with was the religious aspect.

Stone said he did not feel free to be himself as a gospel singer. Instead, he felt pressured to be perfect or at least present himself as such. Far from flawless, the burden became too much to bear.  As he continued to grow as an artist, Stone began to sense that his gift was not just for the church and decided it was time to spread his wings. The singer changed his tune to a bisexual R&B artist and emerged with a new name.

When speaking of his bisexual journey, the musician expressed the pain of heartbreak from a childhood girlfriend. The two dated for about a year, when unexpectedly, she requested Stone to sing at her upcoming wedding. Devastated by the shock of his sweetheart marrying another man, the former gospel artist lost all trust in females. Out of his own curiosity, according to Stone, he began to explore his options with the same sex.

After learning of Stone’s story, one woman criticised him for “blaming” the church.  She said:

Don’t blame the church to be who your heart desires. You are human you choose to serve God or you do not it is a personal choice. Yes, when you follow people and their rules and regulations you will feel lost alone mistreated etc. People fall short. It does not matter who you are nor how long you been in church. When you have a personal relationship with God love him with all your heart and soul no matter what you go through you will never walk away permanent. I pray that through it all he finds his way back to the Lord. Some people want fame and Fortune some people desire Eternal Life in the kingdom of God. It’s a choice God gave everyone – choose whom you shall follow.

Others encouraged the former gospel singer to do what makes him happy.  Many cited the above comment and the type of judgment that runs people away from the church. Stone said:

I have been sheltered almost my whole life. I lived my life according to others’ opinions of what I should do and who I should be. I just feel like it’s time. The biggest failure in life is to wake up and say, ’I wish I did it.

No longer the straight gospel artist Aaron Thomas, he has changed his tune to the sound of R&B and come out as bisexual. Stone is excited to embark on this new journey of freedom and live his truth aloud. The former gospel singer sheds his former image with plans to reemerge with a new sound and identity as an openly bisexual musician.

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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