Italy and the Dismantling of the Old Political Establishment in Rome


In the Italian national elections on Sunday, March 4, 2018, The Washington Post reported that the Italian voters dismantled their country’s old political establishment in Rome. The voters were of every political ideology.

Preliminarily results indicated that the South Western European country’s formal centralists parties were shattered in favor of other parties to the left and right of the political spectrum. Additionally, they suspended their former system.

The Washington Post reported that the national vote in Italy thrust the country into unfamiliar ground. The nation is the continent’s fourth-largest economy and has been known to fluently cycle through elected officials.

The country’s political landscape was crushed. The most likely allegiances between different political entities were disregarded. However, Italy struggles with issues regarding migrants and economic stagnation. Therefore, half of the nation voted for anti-establishment candidates.

Voter count results indicated that the Five Star Movement won 32 percent of voters. The results were the largest percentage of all the political parties. The Washington Post reported that the movement is most likely going to perform at a vital position in any central union.

The Five Star Movement has appeared to gain as many votes as the center-right and center-left political parties mutually. The center-left and center-right parties are in the mainstream political Italian scene.

Italy’s electoral system is intricate. However, The Washington Post reported that the poll results could shift slightly. Although, politicians of every political affiliation believed that the primary election results were catastrophic.

Anti-political establishment champions across the international community traveled to Rome to witness the last days of the significant Southern European campaign. President Donald Trump’s former campaign strategist Stephen Bannon was in attendance in the Italian capital.

The notion of deporting 600,000 migrants has entered the general Italian political climate. The migrants have come to Italy illegally and without proper documentation within recent years.

An opposing duo of an anti-European Union activist and a populist political figure emerged in the polls for Parliament. However, the Chicago Tribune reported that they did not have enough support to solely govern the South Western European nation on Monday, March 5.

Italy faced an intense struggle to form a functioning bureaucracy. The Chicago Tribune reported that the notion of a hung parliament seemed extremely probable.

La Stampa, which is a daily Italian newspaper, reported that the country is “ungovernable.” The paper ran the headlines as the early election results were officially announced.

The Chicago Tribune reported that the results, which were based on samples of the voting polls, on Sunday, March 4, indicated that the other center-right coalition was slightly ahead of the 5-Star Movement. The 5-Star Movement is a political movement that is attempting to dismantle the political establishment in Rome. Additionally, the center-right coalition consists of the anti-immigration league, a smaller right-wing party, and former Premier Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia.

CNBC reported that the voters in the Italian Republic have apparently not decided what party will politically control their country. Italy is one of Europe’s biggest economies. The election may signify a bleak period of political instability for the Western European economic power, as its old political establishment has been dismantled in Rome.

By John A. Federico
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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