‘Equalizer 2’…….Double Trouble for Bad Guys

equalizer 2

I recently attended the National Association of Black Journalist’s screening of “Equalizer 2” starring Denzel Washington! In his first ever reprise role, Washington returns to the big screen as Robert McCall, a deadly CIA operative hiding undercover! The cinematography and European locations that were chosen for the film were breathtaking.

The McCall character who has supposedly died from a CIA operation that went bad years ago is hiding as an LYFT transportation specialist, driving all types of characters to and from their destinations. In a riveting example of McCall’s judgemental decisions to right a wrong, he exacts revenge for a young lady who had been abused, misused and dropped into his cab by a rich kid type!

As an under the radar operative turned avenger and revenge specialist, McCall exacts revenge on the rich kid and his abusive associates and travels the globe saving and returning a kidnapped young girl, avenging a close friend’s assassination by former CIA co-worker operatives who went rogue and mentoring a young black male destined for destruction without his intervention.

Without giving too much more of the film’s plot, I would like to say that I enjoyed the movie for the action and hardcore violence as well as the one-liner quips that had the audience laughing and saying Wow. McCall truly defines the word hero as he assists an old man who had been separated from his sister by the Nazi’s in finding her! His intervention in stopping local hoodlum youth from recruiting and turning a talented young teenager who lived in his building into a killer was inspiring.

While the film took me vicariously to that entertainment world where we can enjoy escapism as a means to relieve our PTSD life moments, I truly enjoyed the realism of McCall’s attempts to save the young black male who was most assuredly headed toward death and destruction! The McCall character is a refreshing take on heroism in the age of the Marvel comics genre and allows the viewer to experience a more reality-based Hero character than the comic book heroes with superpowers!

While the violence and revenge quota that McCall dispenses might be a little too rough for the under PG viewer, his compassion and willingness to help his fellow man makes the movie a must-see for all ages.

I give the movie Three Thumbs up and the ending really hits home as McCall truly gets his just do, he truly defines what a modern day hero should be! All things being equal, “Equalizer 2” far surpasses the first installment!!!

Submitted by James Cannon

Featured and Top Image by ABC|Disney – Used by Permission (Licensee Cathy Milne)