Ellen DeGeneres Lost Her LGBT Card for Supporting Kevin Hart


DeGeneresEllen DeGeneres’ attempts to smooth things over between The Academy Awards and Kevin Hart has not gone as well as she hoped and it is causing quite a commotion on social media.

Hart stepped down as host of the Oscars after homophobic 2001 tweets by Hart on Twitter surfaced. Hart was going to be the fourth African American to host the Oscars.

Hart stated that he had already apologized for those comments because this was not the first time people have seen or mentioned those tweets. Hart refused to apologize and wrote on his Instagram that people should stop looking for reasons to be so negative.

As the bad press continued and the controversy became bigger about how Hart refused to apologize for the tweet, he eventually tweeted that he was stepping down as host. He then apologized to the LGBT community and was sorry for the words he said in the past and how those words hurt people.

The comedian, who is a good friend of DeGeneres, went on her talk show on Thursday. The interview was supposed to air on Monday. The producers of the show thought that the interview was particularly newsworthy and changed the airing date to Friday. They released clips as a teaser on Thursday night.

In the clips that were released to the public, Hart told DeGeneres that he is considering stepping back in as host of the 2019 Oscars

DeGeneres allowed Hart to speak for six minutes without interrupting him. He told DeGeneres that it was a dream of his to host the show. He also stated that he was given an ultimatum that either he apologized for his actions or would be replaced. Hart then said that he has grown since that time.

DeGeneres also admitted to calling the Academy and stated that everybody wants him to host the Academy Awards. It is quite possible he misunderstood what he said and everything was handled the wrong way. He did say the wrong thing but everybody want him to host the show.

DeGeneres also defended Hart against what she said was a social media campaign which was malicious and was trying to ruin his career. She urged him to reconsider his decision to not host the upcoming Oscars.

She stated that as a gay person she is very sensitive to anything homophobic. Everybody has already expressed that people say homophobic things because they are not educated on the subject or not realizing that making homophobic statements can be dangerous. People also do not realize that kids are beaten up or killed each day for being gay.

DeGeneres then added that Hart has grown, apologized and is on her show right now apologizing. He shouldn’t let people win and he should host the Oscars.

The interview clips had people talking on Twitter. People felt that Degeneres was being too easy on Hart and shouldn’t accept his homophobic comments.

Degeneres stated on her Twitter that she will stand by her interview. The conversation with Hart was real and authentic and he will remain on his side. She also stated that she believes in giving people second chances.

Written By Barbara Sobel


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