Lindsay Lohan Day, Reality Made for an MTV Payday

LohanToday is Lindsay Lohan Day on MTV. The former child actor turned nightclub owner is staring in her own reality TV show. It is not like we have not seen the Lohan Reality show. We were all privy to reading about her reality in the pages of gossip publications ever since the first trashy magazine featuring her self-absorbed escapades attracted Hollywood’s predatorial paparazzis. This time, however, Lohan has turned her celebrity reality headlines into a payday, a weekly payday on MTV.

Lohan seems to have flipped the script. She is no longer the brunt of her detractors’ jokes. According most reports, if accurate, Lohan is sober and enjoying her life living outside of the United States as an entrepreneurial success.

In a June, 2018 Forbes article, we learn that “she is taking over two islands in one of Dubai’s most notorious development projects: The World.” She had hit paydirt outside of the U.S. However, prior to the bonafide success she is currently experiencing in Dubai, the 32-year-old actress launched her own makeup collection, refuses to pose for pictures unless she was paid, and has become a bankable spokesperson for the website. What a turnaround.

We all witnessed the Lindsay Lohan reality show before it hit MTV; and we witnessed the turnaround. We were introduced to Lohan as a child star in the movie, “The Parent Trap.” Linday, moved into her teens with “Freaky Friday.” And as an adult she entertained us in “Mean Girls.”

There was a time, however, when she was thrust acoss tabloid headlines as we learned she had a drinking problem or perhaps as she put it, an addiction to alcohol. We read where she often struggled with her momager as they both not only frequented New York clubs together, they fought together or should I say each other.

Then there was the theft allegations which included: an $11,000 mink coat, thousands of dollars worth of clothes, $400,000 worth of Dior Jewelry, a $35,000 Rolex, and a $2,500 necklace. All except one of the allegations was the once embattered movie star charged with a crime. However, in the case of the $2,500 necklace, Lohan pleaded no contest to misdemeanor theft and ended up with a sentence of 120 days. Eventually, she was released from jail because of overcrowding, serving the balance of her time under house arrest. By 2014, she was released from probation and according to most accounts, it marked a period when she began to turn her life around. But it was a reality that played out in gossip columns, newspapers and tabloids. It was headline after headline. The public ate it up. Then, suddenly, with no warning, the Lohan reality show seemed to vanish. She disappeared from the spotlight, and almost no one knew why. Don’t get me wrong, she still appeared in the media, but the tone had changed. It appears that she was on a path to redemption, becoming a savvy entrepreneur.

As fans and detractors have already seen, the first words she utters, in her new MTV Lohan Beach House reality show, is; ” Hi, my name is Lindsay Lohan, and I live my life in the public eye.” Of course she has, but it is not the same Lindsay we have been accustomed to seeing. We have all been had. This is a sober Lindsay Lohan, a businesswoman personified. She is art that has become reality, MTV reality.

Welcome to Lindsay Lohan day or should I have said, payday because no matter what critics say, Lohan has found a way to get paid and thus nothing has changed in her reality.

By DiMarkco Chandler

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