Lindsay Lohan Most Memorable 2018 Moments Continues With MTV

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LohanDoes anyone remember Donald Trump’s comment that Lindsay Lohan was deeply troubled and therefore great in bed. Most Lohan fans probably recall that memorable moment. But since Lohan has arguably turned her troubled life around, it may not be so easy to identify Linday’s most memorable moments of 2018. Nevertheless, this report will take a stab at it, and perhaps by doing so, make those 2018 moments more memorable.

Recently, Lohan has, once again, been finding herself frequently in newspaper headlines of the gossip sort. While the 32-year-old movie, television and music star no longer resides in the United States, it appears she is making a gossip column comeback. In fact, Lohan has some interesting headline grabbing stories that were featured in 2018 and appears to continue into 2019 with the MTV reality TV Show.

I Like Men

Case in point. In January of 2018, The Wendy Williams Show featured an interview where Williams questioned Lohan about her sexuality. Throughout the interview, Williams continued to press the one time disney child star, asking her if she was sexually fluid. Lohan immediately paused and finally blurted out an emphatic, “No, I like men.” But that wasn’t enough, the the famous TV talk show diva was locked and loaded as she quickly got straight to the point and asked Lindsay if she still liked girls. Lohan smiled and retorted, “I was living in L.A. I’m not saying it’s a band thing.” It was a memorable statement and gossip news had their newest Lohan quote as it was not only made the rounds on Twitter, but was frequently Headlined in online and print publications worldwide.

Perhaps the most memorable quote from the Williams interview was “I like men.” Truly the first memorable moment for Lohan in the early days of 2018.

New Faith or Publicity Stunt?

February ushered in another memorable moment the American actress. There was much speculation about the religious faith of the Mean Girls star as she was photographed wearing a hijab (headscarf) and holding the Holy Quran. Some in the media speculated that she had converted to Islam while others believed it was simply a publicity stunt. The latter was probably a more reliable interpretation as she used the attention to introduce her new fashion and cosmetic line. What made the news more memorable was that the hoopla occurred doing London’s fashion week. At the time, Lohan was ask frequently asked about the Quran and headscarf she had been sporting. She was consistent in her responses to the question, stating that she had tried praying “the Muslim way… it was was hard but it was good. It felt good.” Though most may not remember her comments on the subject of faith, no one can forget the image of her exhibiting traditional muslim headscarf and therefore a most memorable moment.

Spokesperson for Lawyers

In March of 2018 Lohan became the newest spokesperson for She had been off of probation for only two years when the offer came her way. It was sort of ironic especially since is known for protecting people from getting caught up in DUI prosecutions. What makes her new gig as the company’s new spokesperson so memorable is the fact that she was featured in their commercials which aired nationwide.

Second Nightclub

As the year progressed, Lindsay found herselt knocking on the door of another memorable moment. Lohan was opening up a second nightclub. She already had her name attached to a club in Athens, but now she was opening Lohan Beach House on the Greek island of Mykonos.

Lindsay Who?

In the middle of June, Lohan’s name was once again, on the cover of gossip magazines and on the front pages of news websites. The gossip began when Paris Hilton rebuked Lohan in a TMZ interview. Hilton was asked if she was planning on inviting Lohan to her marriage to American actor Chris Zylka. Mind you that the marriage never took place, but it was headlines in June, 2018. Most memorable statement ran in TMZ which had for its headline: “Lindsay Who?”

Lohan’s 2018 Most Memorable

Arguably the most memorable moment for Lohan may be when MTV announced that the actress would star in her own reality TV show, Lohan Breach Club. At first it was titled made use of the word house instead of club but has since been changed to are on Tuesday, January 8, 2019. Nevertheless is was memorable as early as July and August of 2018. The new show is set in and around Lohan’s second club adventure on the Greek island’s Kalo Livadi beach.

From this writer’s stand point, Linday’s MTV reality show is not only a continuation of her most memorable moments from 2018 but may potentially become a most memorable moment of 2019. Whether it is successful or flops, it is Lindsay that people are interested in seeing win and fail and therefore, nevertheless, memorable.

By DiMarkco Chandler


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