Mel Stottlemyre New York Yankees Legend Dies of Multiple Myeloma Age 77

StottlemyreMel Stottlemyre was a pitcher on the New York Yankees for 11 seasons. He was also the winner of five World Series titles and then became a pitching coach for the Mets and Yankees. The New York Yankees legend died in Seattle on Sunday, Jan. 13, 2019, from Multiple Myeloma, which he fought for almost 20 years. He was 77 years old.

Stottlemyre was diagnosed in the spring of 1999 with Multiple Myeloma and was in a clinical trial receiving experimental treatment which included chemotherapy and stem cell transplants, according to The New York Daily News.

Multiple Myeloma is an extremely rare disease, and there are fewer than 200,000 cases in the United States a year. The disease attacks the bone marrow and also can cause harm to the immune system, bones, red blood cell count and kidneys.

When Stottlemyer retired from his playing career, he became employed as the Seattle Mariners scout. In 1984 the Mets hired him as their pitching coach where he remained for 10 seasons. In 1986, Stottlemyer won a World Series ring. He also mentored Sid Fernandez, Ron Darling, and Doc Gooden.

During Stottlemyre’s career as a pitcher with the New York Yankees, he was a five-time All-Star. When the New York Mets won the World Series in 1986, he was their pitching coach. When Joe Torre was the manager of the Yankees in the late 1990s and  2000s, he served on the team as pitching coach.

Stottlemyre was pitching coach in 1996, 1998, 1998, and 2000 when the Yankees won the World Series. During that time, Stottlemyre worked with some of the best pitchers: Mariano Rivera, David Wells, David Cone, and Andy Pettitte with the New York Yankees, and with the Mets Roger Clemens and Dwight Gooden.

He left the Yankee organization in 2005. In 2008 he returned to the game and became the Seattle Mariners pitching coach in 2008. He retired from baseball after that year.

His wife Jeans survives Stottlemyre, and his sons Mel Jr. and Todd Stottlemyer also are in the major leagues as pitchers. His son Jason died from Leukemia at 11 years old.

Written By Barbara Sobel
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


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