President Trump Threatens Using Executive Border to Build Border Wall


President Donald Trump stated his grandest reason for border security on Friday, Jan. 4, 2019. The Washington Post reported that the statement was made before the end of the partial government shutdown.

Trump said that the vital need for a border wall is to keep terrorists at bay. The president then stated that he can construct the barrier without Congress’s permission.

He further stated he was contemplating to declare a national emergency to move forward with the border construction. The White House confirmed the president can request a nationwide emergency.

Trump stated that he can certainly have the wall constructed by executive order if he wishes to. The Presidential administration can call a national emergency due to the crisis in the country.

However, the Washington Post reported that their sources said that Trump would face a major obstacle. It will be difficult to use an executive order to have the wall built.

The White House reports Trump and his staff will continue to negotiate with Congressional Democrats.

The Washington Post reported that the United States Federal Government would seize land along the U.S.-Mexican border to build a steel wall. The construction project would create manufacturing jobs for Americans, according to a few anonymous legal experts.

Republican Senator Lindsay Graham stated that the wall controversy is resonating with their political base. He declared that the wall is not about immigration.

Graham stated that Trump supporters believe that the solid barrier is about border security. It is about the U.S. remaining as a sovereign nation. They especially want their wall when their critics tell them that the notion is illogical.

Trump offered a compromise for border security (i.e. the DACA children) before the beginning of the partial government shutdown. The president then said that the government shut down could last for a matter of months, or over a year.

The Washington Post reported that Democrats are preparing for the 2020 Democratic primary. The victor will then run against the U.S. President.

Past Government Shutdowns

CNN reported that in the mid-1990s many Washington federal agencies buildings were partially shutdowns. The shutdown began in Nov. 1995. Then a second occurred in 1996.

The shutdown was the result of a political conflict between the Democrat White House and the Republican Congress. Clinton and then Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich caused the two partial government shutdowns.

The government was shut down a third time in 2013. The U.S. was once again presided by a Democrat White House and House and Senate Republicans.

CNN further reported that Trump said that a political crisis on the U.S. – Mexican border must be addressed. The president then addressed the American people on Tuesday. Trump will visit the southern border at the end of the week.

Written by John A. Federico
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


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Featured Image Courtesy of Daniel Mennerich’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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