Will Hulk Hogan Be a Part of Wrestlemania 35?



Wrestlemania 35 is coming up around the corner.  Wrestling fans know that this is the time legendary stars pop in, which is why the question pops up. Will Hulk Hogan be a part of Wrestlemania 35?

Hulk Hogan really has not been seen lately in the in the WWE, although he did pop his head in at Crown Jewel.  Even though it was a fleeting moment from the Hulkster, WWE fans couldn’t stop talking about it.

Wrestlemania 35 is coming in April.  This is the time when legendary WWE Superstars show up.  They don’t necessarily get into the ring but come to make their fans happy.

Speculating if Hulk Hogan will show up for Wrestlemania 35 is nothing new. If Brad Shepard via Ringsidenews’s comments is to be taken at face value, it appears that the Hulkster will be making an appearance at the Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey on April 8.

Hogan, who is 65-years-old could show up backstage or appear and wave to the crowd.  Nobody honestly thinks or expects he will get involved in a physical capacity.  Any appearance by Hogan in any capacity will give the fans something to cheer about.

Wrestling Observer Radio in December teased the possibility that Hogan was about to sign on the dotted line a contract with the WWE.  He would probably not wrestle but would have a Legends deal in which he would have the option to show up at big events. Many superstars of the WWW like Rick Flair have a deal like this one.

Hypothetically, if a Legends deal does not come to fruition, Hogan may be used in a different way.  The WWE is in the process of changing so he may a non-wrestling role but one as being a general manager.    This was done like such superstars as Kurt Angle and Mick Foley.  However, due to is age, actually considering that the Hulkster would step into the ring to wrestle would probably never come to be.  Another reason why if  Hulk Hogan returns to Wrestlemania 35 he will have a position other than that of a physical wrestler.

Many WWE legends have taken on the role of a manager as a front for an up-and-coming WWE star.  People such as ‘Classy’ Freddie Blassie and of course Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan have done this in the past.  Hogan undoubtedly has the ability to be able to take on the role as a face manager or a heel.

There are many roles within the WWE that Hogan can work as.   However, the first thing that needs to be done is to get his face back on television and to start to build his character, no matter what it will be.   Hogan has never lost his popularity and has legions of fans who still follow him.  With the ratings of the WWE failing in that category,  his popularity can certainly give the company a much-needed boost.

The question of whether or not Hulk Hogan will be a part of Wrestlemania 35 has yet to be seen. However, the answer will be answered soon in April when the show hits New Jersey! Tickets are on sale now for the event.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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