Kaos Mc Returns With a New Single Featuring Tito Jackson

Kaos Mc

Born in the Favela in Brazil Jailson N. Rodrigues aka Kaos Mc had to choose to follow his passion for music or live the ‘street life’ and he correctly chose music. Kaos Mc began his artistic career in 2005 with the group Vid’ativa group which broke up in 2007.

Kaos Mc continued his career as a solo artist, and in 2015, while Residing in Brazil’s Itinga Lauro de Freitas, he started a partnership with Doc B Productions. Working with producer Peter Doc B, they released their album “O Final Coence Bem.” Together Kaos Mc and Doc B collaborated with rappers Mr. Jack, and Bull Dogg, part of the LF Family (Lokos da Favela)

Kaos Mc has now joined Shlepp Entertainment Ltd/Shlepp Records run by Stevie Eagle E, which is based both in the UK and USA. Kaos Mc’s first single features Tito Jackson, Alex Boye, and rapper Bull Dogg.

The single is an RnB track which is soulful, with a strong message. The remix package features mixes from Larry Peace (Prince’s former DJ), Spin Sista, Victor Lowdown, Stevie Eagle E, Lavonz, Doc B, and others.‘Whats Wrong’ will be released April 8, 2019, original production by Peter Doc B.


Shlepp Entertainment Ltd present: ‘What’s Wrong’ – Debut single from KAOS MC

Featured Image Courtesy of Gabriel Gonzalez’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
Top Image Courtesy of Shlepp Entertainment Ltd– Used With Permission

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