Robert Mueller May Be Preparing to Give Justice Department Report Next Week

MuellerCNN is reporting that Attorney General Bill Barr may announce as early as next week Robert Mueller has completed his report of the Russian investigation and will give it to Barr to summarize and submit it to Congress.

The Justice Department preparing for the report may be an indication Mueller is nearing the end of his investigation. The timing of the announcement may change.

It is also unclear what information regarding the report will be sent to Congress.  Also unknown is how long it will take for Justice officials to determine and prepare what should be submitted to Congress.

Justice officials may not want to interfere with Trump’s summit meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, which could change the timing of the report.

Barr had stated he wanted to be as transparent the law would allow with the public and Congress regarding the investigation.

Mueller and the special counsel, at the conclusion of their investigation, must submit a report which is confidential to the attorney general.  Regulations do not say the report needs to be shared with Congress or the public.

Barr has said the Justice Department would not release derogatory material about individuals who are not charged.  Consequently, Barr will have to determine what extent of the Mueller investigation should be submitted to Congress.

Regulations require Mueller to give details and explain all decision to prosecute or not prosecute matters which have been investigated.  Barr would also be required to tell Congress if the Justice Department stopped the Mueller and the special counsel team from pursuing any part of the investigation.

Trump said that it would be Barr’s decision if he wanted to put out the Mueller report while he was meeting with Kim Jong Un. The Justice Department and Mueller’s office would not comment to CNN.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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