Washington Snowstorms Overwhelm City of Lakewood Plow Truck Drivers

SnowstormA snowstorm is causing significant issues for traveling and daily activity across the Lakewood, Washington area. This is the second snowstorm to hit the area in February. The storm, which began Feb. 8, 2019, is not showing any mercy, and simply added to the accumulation for the first storm.

As the snowstorm continues to drive southward running parallel with the Washington coastline, heavy snow continues to impact the area on Saturday, Feb. 9. This storm potentially can be the same, if not bigger then the storm from early February 2017, which left 7.1 inches of snow at the Seattle Tacoma International Airport (SeaTac).

Along the I-5 corridor, travel will be painful to impossible. Especially the Siskiyou Summit in Oregon.

AccuWeather Meteorologist Brett Rossio said, crossing over Donner Summit, California may also be difficult to impossible during the height of the storm. Before venturing out, motorists should check on the road conditions by calling 211.

For those are acclimated, the cold will be dangerous. Travel, in general, will be hazardous because the roads will be covered in snow.Snowstorm

For those who are not acclimated the cold will be extremely hazardous, as Saturday night temperatures drop to 10-20 degrees below normal.

The City of Lakewood is hard at work battling the snowstorm. They are running a team of five trucks, 24 hours non stop, according to one of the city workers.

The city’s snowplow drivers told this reporter that they have two teams who are working 12-hour shifts on a continuous rotation against the snow pile up. “It is like we are racing the storm he says, fast as we clean a street and turn the corner the snowstorm replaces it with a fresh coat.”

As the snowstorm continues, the workers strive to get ahead of the storm, local authorities urge people to stay home and off the roads.

Reported and Written by Trey Dingle
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Trinity View – Used With Permission

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