Bernie Sanders Running for Office as a Democrat and Independent

SandersBernie Sanders filed on March 4, 2019, to run for Senate in 2024 with the Independent Party. In Feb. 2019, he filed to run for president in 2020 as a Democrat.

Sanders, the senator from Vermont, has run almost his entire career as an independent. In 2015, he switched parties and entered as a Democrat into the presidential race, losing the nomination to Hillary Clinton in 2016.

After the election ended, Sanders rejected any affiliation with the Democratic Party, often insulting it, and re-registered as an independent.

Recently the DNC changed the rules of the party to prevent a candidate running for office from using their resources without actually supporting them.

The new rule mandates any candidate who wants to run for office must declare at least 30 days before announcing their run for a particular office they are a Democrat.

Sanders filed as a Democrat for his presidential run despite the new DNC rules.

Explicitly, the new rules state:

A candidate must be a bona fide Democrat whose record of accomplishment, public service, public writings, and/or public statements demonstrate that the candidate is faithful to the welfare, interests, and success of the Democratic Party. The candidate subscribes to the intent, substance, and principles of the Bylaws and the Charter of the Democratic Party, and participate in the Convention in good faith.

The DNC also requires candidates to return in writing a form stating that the individual running for office agrees with these rules.

All declared candidates were given this form last week. Sanders filed for his Senate run as an Independent but has not returned the form to the DNC. The Sanders campaign has said he will sign and return it.

It is not clear if this could be considered a blatant violation of DNC Rules. The Sanders campaign stated that if he won the presidency, he would serve as a Democrat.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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