Coca-Cola Releases Their First Energy Product and Will Energize the UK

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Coca-Cola announced on March 28, 2019, that they are releasing their first energy drink in Europe. The drink is aimed at young adults in an attempt to branch out the company in a different direction.

The beverage company based in Atlanta, Georgia, said the new product Coca-Cola Energy will debut in April 2018 in the UK.

Coca-Cola’s general manager for Ireland and Great Britain, Jon Woods says that the beverage company’s strategy is to offer the consumer a variety of drinks to meet different occasions and lifestyles. Coca-Cola energy is an example of a product that does just that.

He continued by saying that Coca-Cola Energy will come with sugar or without, and the company’s goal is to diversify and expand its product line to offer the UK consumer a wider choice of beverages.

Coca-Cola Energy will have caffeine, B vitamins, and guarana extract, aimed at consumers 18 years old to 35 years old. The new product will put the energy drink in competition with Lucozade, Red Bull, and Monster (which is partially owned by the Coca-Cola company.)

Javier Meza, Coca-Cola’s chief marketing officer, wrote on a company blog the company is always looking for different ways to expand their product line and bring consumers drinks they crave. Energy drinks are one of the quickest growing categories in the beverage industry.

He added the reason they developed Coca-Cola Energy was that they listened to what consumers said they wanted from an energy drink. The new product has the taste people love and recognize, along with caffeine from natural sources. Coca-Cola Energy gives the consumer the option to have an energy drink which fits into their specific lifestyle and preference.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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