Lady Gaga Ended Engagement With Christian Carino Because He Was Needy

Lady Gaga ended it with her fiance Christian Carino right before the Academy Awards. When this happened, a source told PEOPLE that the relationship ended because “sometimes things do not work out.”

US Weekly reports the actual reason why the couple separated.

A source told the publication that toward the end of their relationship of two years, Carino did not treat Gaga well. 33-year-old Gaga broke up with 40-year-old Carino.

It is alleged he was incredibly jealous. He texted Gaga all the time and would not give her any space apart, continuously trying to find her.

It was also reported that Gaga’s friends did not like him.

The sources said that the break-up was not caused due to Gaga wanting a relationship with Bradley Cooper, as so many news outlets have reported.

Immediately after Gaga and Carino broke up, a source reported that the singer threw herself into her career and emotionally did not deal with the break-up. She told everybody to stay focused.

Gaga went to actor Jeremy Renner for support after the relationship ended. The actor from the “Avengers” is believed not to be in a romantic relationship with the singer.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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