Twitter Disappointed With Lady Gaga’s Apology for Working With R. Kelly

Lady GagaTwitter users are skeptical and clearly unhappy when it comes to Lady Gaga’s recent apology for not speaking out against R. Kelly. The uproar became profoundly amplified when it was learned that Gaga had refused to participate in the docu series, Surviving R. Kelly.

Reports say that Executive Producer dream Hampton wanted to know how the mega star could be on SNL with Kelly while claiming to be an advocate for domestic abuse survivors. But Gaga not only worked with Kelly, she defended the singer during a 2013 press conference in Japan. The Academy Award nominee was asked why she collaborated with the embattled artist following his child pornography trial. She replied:

R. Kelly and I have sometimes, very untrue things written about us, so in a way this was a bond between us.

Her statement might have stood, however, the problem was that she remained quiet for years, even up to the point when Hampton sought her out for the docu series.

Eventually, Gaga apologized for working with Kelly, but not until the Surviving R. Kelly premiered on the Lifetime network aired in 6 episodes.

For some, Gaga was a day late and a dollar short as she stood silent until the Grammy Award winning singer was forced to succumb to public pressure which required her to denounce R. Kelly. But her apology came a day late as Twitter had already reacted to her reticence.  In Gaga’s case, Twitter has been quite unforgiving and as at times, utterly brutal for the delayed rebuke. This can be clearly observed by simply reading the large volume of tweets excoriating the Star is Born actress.

JoeAvo’s recent post is a perfect example of what many Twitter users have been espousing. He writes:

Gaga the moron actually defended R.Kelly by playing her favourite card – victim. She “we’ve connected because both of us have horrible things said about us that are not true”. Has there been a more ignorant B grade pop star than her? No.

Carissa M adds a tweet of her own on Twitter, saying:

Gaga is not the only hypocrite here. Every other artist that chose to work with him that’s condemning it now only because of this documentary looks just as bad. R. Kelly should have been a pariah in music but he was still respected by his peers.

Alex Gee Jr. writes on his Twitter account:

R. Kelly’s Attorney Blasts Lady GaGa, Accuses Her Of ‘Exploiting This Controversy… In Her Effort To Win An Oscar.’

jgee @infoSgleeson adds his two cents on Twitter:

I’m not sure why Lady Gaga thought there was enough evidence to speak against Brett Kavanaugh in October but didn’t think there was enough evidence to turn down a collaboration with R. Kelly in 2013. Weird.

Ales @ALEXSIGH gives a more explicit remark on her Twitter page, saying:

how the f*** is that a reach when that is what happened? They asked her to support victims by speaking up about r kelly and she didn’t. she literally didn’t, when she’s this huge advocate for it

To put these Tweets and others that echoed their sentiment in perspective, it is important to hear from the 1 out of 5 that pushed back and came to Gaga’s aid. Thus, Minibebop defends her in an aggressive tweet, declaring:

isn’t R K E L L Y the topic here? why are people putting Lady Gaga front and center for what he’s done and here’s all of you, sharing the same sentiment with R Kelly that her apology is disappointing.

Based on the onslaught of tweets, Twitter pages seemed to have amplified outrage and public disappointment with Lady Gaga’s apology for working with R. Kelly. To them her apology was disingenuous, and self serving at best.

Perhaps it might be wise for Gaga to mute herself on the subject. After all, it seems as though she had done more harm than good.

Presently, the public is not in the mood to forgive R. Kelly and it is unlikely their mood will change anytime soon. Any further comments by Gaga might only fuel even greater anger.

Written by DiMarkco Chandler


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