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Ghoulish Goodies

Ghoulish GoodiesGhoulish Goodies is a brand new company started by former dance music artist, remixer, promoter, and label owner Nivek Tek.

The company features horror mystery boxes. Ghoulish Goodies also can customize a mystery box for any occasion.

 Tell Us About Your Music Background

Believe it or not, I have quite an extensive musical background. I have spent most of my life in the music business. I started very young as a DJ for kids and adult parties. I eventually graduated to singer, songwriter, producer, remixer and then music promoter.

I ran the music video promotions company Import Sound & Vision with my business partner Frederic Oudoul, that later would be shortened to ISV Entertainment when we also became a record label. We were ISV Promotions for the music promotions side and ISV Entertainment for the record label side. We worked with many celebrities. artists and music labels over the years.

In 2017, I just had had enough of the music industry. I had spent more than half of my life doing it. I felt that the music industry was not only in a huge decline and recession but that it had lost its soul and I had sold mine to the industry. Enough was enough, so in 2017, after resurrecting my label ISV entertainment, from a 5 or 6 year hiatus and finishing up the projects I started and doing a few new ones, I felt that I could walk away from the music industry knowing that I did not owe anything to anyone, left anyone hanging and I’d tied up all loose ends.

Although truth be told, for about a year, I felt completely out of sorts, empty and without purpose or direction. Do I regret my decision to walk away from the music biz after dedicating most of my life to it? No, I don’t regret a single thing.

How Did You Get The Idea For Ghoulish Goodies

As I said, I had just walked away from the music industry forever, and I was totally out of sorts.

I had a friend at the time who loved a lot of the same things that I loved, and I thought that maybe we could do something together?

His personality and passion just were not on par with mine. We were on different wavelengths and chapters in our lives, so I decided it would not be a good idea to go into business with him.

I was very upset because I really was hoping that could work. Another friend of mine stepped up to the plate as a sort of “silent” investor, and that is how we came to be on the business side of things.

I always loved Mystery Boxes and surprises, so I thought maybe there was something there? I figured if other people could do it and be successful at it then we could too.

How Did You Get The Name For Ghoulish Goodies

Well, to me it was a no brainer, I really loved the idea of creating a special box with a Halloween, Horror and Gothic theme, since I really love all of that. I wanted a name that encompassed the whole idea of horror, goody bags, and Mystery Boxes.

I thought about naming it after one of my favorite songs from The Damned called “Grimly Fiendish,” but my boxes were not grim or serious, they were more fun and whimsical and ghoulish. Hence the name, Ghoulish Goodies.

Tell Us About Your Interest In Horror

From a very young age, I always loved all things dark and horror themed. I think horror gave me an escape, an outlet and a way to channel a lot of pent up anger, frustration and pain that I suffered from my dysfunctional childhood. I felt strangely drawn and deeply attracted to the horror genre.

I could personally identify with all of these misunderstood misfits like Frankenstein. Characters like Dracula taught me to want to be a leader in life and strongly influenced me to do things my way and work for myself.

I naturally made the transition from loving Halloween to horror and the goth subculture as a whole. To me, it was all just a very natural progression.

Who Are Your Favorite Horror Characters/Movies

I really love Bela Lugosi’s Dracula and Max Schreck’s Count Orlok, in the 1922 silent film “Nosferatu.” Though I LOVE Dracula and all things Vampire-related, I think I personally identify most with misunderstood monsters like “Frankenstein.”

I love all of the classic horror actors like Lon Chaney and Lon Chaney Jr., Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee,  Peter Cushing, Vincent Price and of course, as I mentioned earlier, Bela Lugosi. Though the classic Universal Monsters set the stage, I love 80’s slasher icons like Michael Myers ( Halloween), Freddy Krueger ( A Nightmare On Elm Street), Jason Voorhees ( Friday The 13TH) and Leatherface ( Texas Chainsaw Massacre).

I think all of the names I mentioned are truly timeless and that’s what makes them so beloved and memorable.

What Is The Concept For Ghoulish Goodies

The short answer for my concept of Ghoulish Goodies is that I wanted to create something that would make adults feel like little kids on Christmas morning and Halloween night.

I wanted to bring back that innocent, childlike wonder, magic and excitement, that only big Holiday events like that could bring. I was fortunate, despite my very dysfunctional, troubled and traumatic upbringing, to be able to experience this magic.

However, I also realize that not every child was so lucky then or now to get to experience that for one reason or another.

I want to make people happy with my Ghoulish Goodies boxes, and I want to bring back that wonder and pure excitement of opening up their presents on Christmas morning and the surprise of finding out what Santa brought them.

If they never got to experience that incredible joy and magic, then I want to give that invaluable experience to them. I love that the “Goodies” part of our name “Ghoulish Goodies” is a sort of tongue in cheek way to not only describe the products you will be getting like toys and candy but the feelings that these special mystery boxes evoke.

What Is A Mystery Box

I think that is a pretty general question because mystery boxes can pretty much be anything from high-quality stuff to old, used junk, that someone just had sitting around and it was collecting dust. I think they went by the old philosophy “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”

Although that may be true in theory, you will NEVER find anything that isn’t brand-spankin’ new in the Ghoulish Goodies mystery boxes.

I figure you pay good money for something new, different and special, so it should be NEW, different and special. I guess the term “mystery box” is just that, it is a complete mystery what you might get.

I think by personalizing the Ghoulish Goodies boxes a bit, people won’t be disappointed when they are getting things that they love and can use.

To me, my Ghoulish Goodies boxes are a mystery in theory, but in reality, they are not such a complete mystery, because you have a bit of an idea that the kind of box you are going to get is going to be something you’ll know and love, not some possible mismatched and used old junk.

I wanted to create a wide range of Ghoulish Goodies mystery boxes from variety boxes like the Horror-iffic Nightmare Box to more specific themed boxes like vampires, Zombies, Black Cats, Evil Clowns, Witches, etc.. this way, you are guaranteed to get exactly the kinds of things that you would want or would buy yourself when you order your Goulish Goodies box.

A lot of mystery boxes are also called subscription boxes. These are monthly boxes that you subscribe to and every month there is a new box or themed box, and your credit card is charged.

That concept seemed to work for a while for some mystery box companies, but in many examples, a lot of them went under as they could not keep up with the demand of the boxes but yet kept charging the customers cards.

I created a more “safe”  Ghoulish Goodies mystery box with that old skool, subscription box in mind called Surprise Me and Monthly Surprise Me boxes.

Every month, if you signed up for this kind of Ghoulish Goodies box, we would contact you and ask you if you wanted a box that month.

You could either choose from one of our many Ghoulish Goodies boxes on our web site, or we could just pick out one ourselves and surprise you with it.

Those Ghoulish Goodies boxes can be monthly, or you can just buy one at a time, whenever the mood strikes you.

Your PayPal would only be charged if you agreed to receive a Ghoulish Goodies box that month, thus alleviating the possibility of clients being unhappy with automatic payments.

We even offer Ghoulish Goodies children’s boxes for horror or commission.

I do not know of any other mystery box service that offers Halloween -themed children’s boxes all year round. maybe at Halloween but certainly not all year round. But Ghoulish Goodies proudly does.

I can honestly say with full confidence that I have the mind of a very young child myself. I have five nieces. many of which are very young, so Uncle Kevin ( Nivek) knows a thing or two about what kids like. This is why I created our Ghoulish Goodies  “Kids Crate Of Fear” mystery box.

Tell Us About Your Commission Boxes

I have to be honest here. My dear friend Barbara Sobel came up with that idea, as well as our Ghoulish Goodies budget boxes. I cannot take credit for any of that.

Barbara was one of the first people to buy my Ghoulish Goodies mystery boxes. She compared them to the idea of Girl Scout cookies. You don’t need them, but you want and have to have them. Once you get a taste .. you want more!!!!

I was pretty much dragged into the concept of Ghoulish Goodies commissioned boxes kicking and screaming. I’m a very stubborn man and I wanted to stay true to my original horror, Halloween and Gothic vision but Barbara told me that I should open my mind and broaden my horizons.

She further proved her point that I could make ANY kind of Ghoulish Goodies box by personally supporting me and ordering many boxes.

A few of these Ghoulish Goodies boxes were boxes for her new cat Milo for his first Valentines Day and for his 1st birthday. She also ordered a Ghoulish Goodies “Cats Not Kids” Hysterectomy Box for her recent surgery.

I never thought I’d be making a cat or menopause Ghoulish Goodies boxes, but low and behold, I rocked them out.

It was also her idea to do Ghoulish Goodies unboxing videos on Facebook with a LIVE audience. Those videos can be viewed on the Ghoulish Goodies Facebook Page.

Barbara really got on my case about the cost of the Ghoulish Goodies boxes and how I should make them more affordable.

Once again, I fought her hard on that concept, but in the end, I decided that once again, she was right and the Ghoulish Goodies commission boxes have worked out quite well.

How Did You Come Up With A Concept For A Mystery Box

I would love to take credit for that as well but I can’t. Mystery boxes have been all the rage for several years now. I have bought several different kinds of boxes over the years myself. Some were awesome, and some were either very disappointing or just so so.

I wanted to take my Ghoulish Goodies boxes to a more personal and more magical level. I think people love the idea of being surprised and being able to feel like a child again.

What Has Been The Reactions To Your Mystery Box

I’m very happy to report that the reactions to the Ghoulish Goodies boxes and the LIVE unboxing videos have been really impressive and promising.

I know the economic climate is not the best at the moment but I still am thrilled when people still find a way to buy our Ghoulish Goodies boxes.

I think people like being surprised and enjoy feeling like a kid again.

I think our Ghoulish Goodies boxes are a good distraction for people’s very serious, very stressful everyday lives. Sometimes you just want a special place where you can just get away, escape, dream and have some magical fun.

I think that I have achieved that with Ghoulish Goodies. We have also gotten wonderful reviews.

What Do You Hope The Future Will Bring

Obviously, the best answer to that question is tons of

Ghoulish Goodies plans to branch off very soon into selling many other kinds of products, not just mystery boxes. We have Halloween and horror-themed decor and memorabilia that we know people will love. Much of it is very rare and hard to get.

At Ghoulish Goodies, We are a people and customer based business, so without the customers, we could never exist.

It is our top priority to keep the Ghoulish Goodies customer happy and create a product that will have them coming back and singing our praises to their friends.

We also love the fact that we work primarily with very small, independent business and very talented artists.

This we believe, gives Ghoulish Goodies that special, personal touch, that makes us something quite different and special. I think it sets us apart from any other mystery or subscription box.

Don’t get me wrong. We are not implying that Ghoulish Goodies is better or worse than any other service; we are just very confident that ours is something unique and special.

We try to make our products affordable and competitive, while still being profitable.

We have a lot of faith that our fun, honest, kids on Christmas Morning vibe, will continue to attract customers new and old.

We hope that the more successful we are, the more that we will be able to do. We will try to bring Ghoulish Goodies to some conventions and horror events.

In fact, we have one coming up in late May, in Westlake, Ohio, that Ghoulish Goodies will be at so look for us!

We hope that Ghoulish Goodies will be wildly successful and we will be able to branch out and become bigger and better than ever!

I hope people like the concept and will become part of the Ghoulish Goodies family. Check out the Ghoulish Goodies Website and store. We are also available on Ebay.

Written by Barbara Sobel


Ghoulish Goodies Website

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Barbara Sobel/Sobel Promotions– Used with Permission

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