Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Are Officially Engaged

Jennifer Lopez

On March 9, fans of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were treated to some very exciting news. While the couple has been sharing pictures of their vacation getaway over the last few days, they had a very important image and message they wanted to share with their fans and the world.

After just over two years of dating, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are officially engaged. The news first broke on Instagram, after the former MLB star posted a picture of his hand holding the singer’s as the sun appeared to be going down. On Lopez’s hand is a giant diamond ring, and in his caption, he simply says, “she said yes,” followed by a black heart emoji.

Over on Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram account, the singer also shared the same picture, this time with a different caption. In her post, the singer simply used emojis to get her message and love across.

According to People Magazine, the longtime couple got engaged during their getaway in the Bahamas. In fact, the singer’s manager, Benny Medina confirmed that they got engaged on March 9 while away on their vacation. Of course, while the engagement is rather new, that is not to say that friends of the couple are not happy and excited for both Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez.

The news of the couple’s engagement is not as much of a surprise as some might think, especially after the sweet messages the singer and baseball player posted in honor of their two year anniversary back on Feb. 3. On their anniversary, Lopez posted a touching message to Rodriguez in which she says, “You make my world a more beautiful safe and stable place … in the midst of our ever-changing, ever moving life.” And she was not alone in posting a touching tribute. On Alex Rodriguez’s social media, his message in honor of their anniversary said, “We are meant to be, and how much you mean to me cannot be put into words.”

Since the couple began dating, they have repeatedly shown the world that they are not only in love, but also work well together. In every interview they do (whether together or individually), they make it clear that not only are they happy, but they are also taking things day by day. Even as Jennifer Lopez is often associated with romantic comedies, she herself does not want people to believe that her life is a rom-com or a fairy tale of some kind. Instead, they work hard on their relationship, and hope to have a partnership that is one of mutual respect and understanding.

With the news of Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez’s engagement so fresh and new, it may be some time before they reveal when they will be getting married. For now, fans can appreciate the fact that the couple has shared their engagement with the world, and particularly the stunning diamond ring that the baseball player gifted his now fiancee.

Written and edited by Kimberley Spinney


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Image Credit: The Cable Show via Flickr – Creative Commons

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